We will defend our DCE and Assembly at all cost- Sagnarigu Residents vow

Source:savannanews24.com/Hamza Lansah Lolly:

Residents of Sagnarigu District of the Northern Region have vowed to protect and defend the District Chief Executive of the area, Hon Iddrisu Mariam and the district assembly at all cost.

According to them, some hoodlums outside the district are trying very hard to tarnish the image of Sagnarigu by creating problems to destabilize the peace in the district.

The Kandahar boys, a Vigilante group affiliated to the ruling NPP government, on Wednesday 13 September 2017 stormed the Sagnarigu District Assembly and destroy some properties.

The boisterous behavior of the Kandahar boys was vehemently condemned by the Chief of the area, His Royal Highness Ambassador Naa Abdulai Yakubu.

The Sagnarigu District has been in the media spotlight recently for the bad reasons but the last week attacks on the assembly have angered residents of the area who ferociously vowed to deal with trouble makers in the area.

The Sagnarigu youth hinted that, they will not allow people to destabilize the peace of the area, adding that “we have been very quiet about this violence attitude of some NPP youth but no more. We will deal with anyone who wants to create chaos in the district”.

Speaking to savannanews24.com, the youth expressed their disappointments on the leadership of the NPP in the region for doing nothing to prevent the violence attacks on the District Chief Executive of the area, Hon. Iddrisu Mariam.

“For the first time we have witness violence protest and chaos in the district and unfortunately the leadership of the NPP are quiet about it. But we the youth of Sagnarigu will not allow this to happen again. We will strongly resist anybody who wants to create chaos in our district. You can’t just leave your area and go to someone’s else area to cause problems”. They hinted

The Sagnarigu youth reiterated that, any attack on the DCE and the District Assembly is an attack to the people of Sagnarigu, adding that, they will fight whoever wants to foment trouble in the area.

“If you attack our assembly and our DCE, then you are indirectly attacking us. We are prepared to fight any individuals or group of persons who wants to bring the Sagnarigu District into disrepute”. They said

The speaking on behalf of the group, Mr. Alhassan S. Zimblim said, the entire citizenry of Sagnarigu District are very worried with the recent violence in the area, “the people of Sagnarigu are law abiding and peaceful but this recent political violence in the area is becoming too many. We are not going to sit down and allow some people to just come in and destroyed our properties with impunity and go away like that. We will protect our DCE and defend the district assembly at all cost and at all times. We have been very patient on this matters but enough is enough”.

Mr. S. Ziblim said, “The DCE is a very respectful and hard working woman. She is loved by all and sundry in the district. So I wonder why her own people will want to destroy her. Anyway, she is our DCE and our responsibility … She is the representative of the President and we accord her that respect”.

He said, since assumption of office, the DCE (Hon Iddrisu Mariam) has been working very assiduously to bring development to the district and wonder why people outside the district will want to create problems for her.

The Sagnarigu residents said,the people of the area have witness several initiatives under the DCE, adding that, they will support all the good initiatives of the DCE Hon Iddrisu Mariam for the total development of the Sagnarigu District.

” We also wants to enjoy the NPP flagship programmes like the one District one factory, one constituency one million dollars, one village one dam and among others”. The Sagnarigu Residents said

The Residents of Sagnarigu said, they will not allow funds made for the development of the district to be use for conflict resolution.

” We have taken note of people who wants to cause mayhem in the district but we are warning them to stay way”. They added

The Sagnarigu youth hinted that, they will soon petition the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo over the issue, “We are still engaging with our chiefs and elders to come out with a petition on this matter”.

Source: savannanews24.com

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