US election 2016: Republican rivals mock Trump over no-show

Donald Trump has been mocked by his Republican rivals at a televised debate in Iowa, after quitting the event in a row with Fox News.

He decided to withdraw after the broadcaster refused to drop host Megyn Kelly, whom Mr Trump accused of bias.

The billionaire businessman held a charity rally nearby, in honour of the country’s war veterans.

Voters in Iowa on Monday are due to pick their presidential nominee for each party.

But his absence on the stage in Des Moines was keenly felt by his seven rivals to be Republican presidential nominee.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz addressed it with humour in the opening minutes by throwing mock insults at his rivals.

“I’m a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly, and Ben [Carson], you’re a terrible surgeon,” he said, doing an impression of his absent rival.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush also poked fun at the billionaire businessman, who has often tormented Mr Bush in previous debates.

“I kind of miss Donald Trump; he was a teddy bear to me,” he said with smile.

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