Stop the threats and give peace a Chance- Northern Minister Appeal to Sunni Sects

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The Northern Regional Minister, Hon Salifu Salifu has made a passionate appealed to the two feuding Sunni Islamic sects in the Tamale metropolis to stop threatening each other but allow peace to availed in the Region.

The Masjid Bayan Sunni sect and the Ambarriya Sunni Community for the past weeks have been engage in a series of threats on radios stations within the Tamale metropolis.

There have been some misunderstanding between the two Sunni sects for over two decades now but the recent happening of verbal threats could mar the relatively peace in the Northern Region.

Both Sunni sect commands the majority of Muslims in the region and any attack will adversely affect the peace and security in the region especially in a fragile Dagbon.

In a press release, yesterday, Hon Sa-eed said the threats by both Sunni sects are needleless and therefore call on them violence threats for the sake peace in the region.

Read the full text below:


Our Distinguished Imams and Ulemas,
Our Traditional Rulers,
Brothers and Sisters,

I bring to the entire people of the Northern Region, fraternal greetings from His Excellency, President Nana Akufo Addo and the entire Government of the NPP, on this special Republic Day.

Unfortunately however, I am also constrained to raise my concern and that of Government on some recent development in the Tamale Metropolis, regarding various preachings by some of our Ulemas which is generating tension within the Metropolis. This development virtually reached its height, with some unfortunate threats issued yesterday. This must be a source of concern for all of us.

I am here to appeal to all the parties involved in these exchanges to ceasefire and halt the threats they are issuing out. Indeed this tension is needless and I urge all those involved to consider the interest of Islam and the interest of the people of the Northern Region and Ghana and to give peace a chance.

Muslims are all united on the basic principle that Islam stands for peace. Moreso, we have just completed 30-days of fasting of Holy Month of Ramadan which is a special one. During this month, it was the envy of all to see Moslems go through spiritual upliftment through various sacrifices. Ulemas played their part through various Tafsirs and sermons and Islam reigned very high. It is less than a week since we ended this wonderful month and we should not allow our differences to derail these great sacrifices. Moslems are a shining example and the society looks up to us. We cannot fail them.

Northern Region has been relatively peaceful for sometime now and we all take the credit. Let us not wind back the progress. Our Imams and Ulemas should take up the responsibility to call on all to ceasefire and come together, whilst the Security Agencies continue the dialogue.

I appeal to all in the Name of Allah to all give peace a chance. We are prepared to facilitate a dialogue and I urge you to come along. The region needs peace for development to take place.

Thank you all and May Allah continue to Bless us.


Hon Salifu Sa-eed

Northern Regional Minister/Chairaman of RECSEC



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