Report cases of side effects of medication to FDA – George Sabblah

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Ghanaians have been advised to ensure their safety by developing the attitude of immediately reporting cases related to the side effects of medications administered to them by health personnel.

This advised was given by the Head of the Safety Monitoring Department at the FDA George Sabblah during a training workshop for regional Pharmacovigilance officers and institutional contact persons on the SafetyWatch System (SWS) held in Tamale in the Northern Region.

He explained that, most Ghanaians have over the years possessed the attitude of not reporting adverse drug effects experienced, to people who administer the medicines to them with the reason been that the system is young, and the view that no action would be taken, hence the reluctance in reporting.

Mr. George Sabblah underscored the need to immediately and frequently report cases involved in the adverse effects after taking a drug, saying, it is a way of protecting the patience from serious harmful effects and also report cases associated with the hostile effects acquired after taking a drug in order to let other patients know and be vigilant.

The one day training event was to provide refresher training for health workers and also inform them on some of the new initiatives of the FDA to improve patient safety which included how to use the online reporting form.

On the online reporting form, Mr. Sabblah the online reporting form is not going to replace the paper form but is it would be for people who have access to the internet to go online and report to the FDA but revealed that, the advantage of the online reporting is that, the report gets to the FDA in real time for the FDA to take decisions as early as possible.


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