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Mr. Mohammed Adam Baantima Samba popularly known as Chairman Samba has been tipped to win the impending NPP Northern Regional chairmanship contest.

In an opinion polls conducted by savannanews24.com and powered by Media Alliance for Development (MAD), a media development and research organization based in the Northern Region, Mr. Adam Samba was given an edge over other aspirants contesting for the NPP Chairmanship position in the region.

Mr. Samba got 236 representing 76.1 out of the 310 respondents in the opinion polls.

Five persons are currently vying for the NPP Northern Regional Chairmanship, including Mr. Adam Samba (Businessman and Chairman of NPP Patron), Alhaji Amadu Inusah Dagomba Boy (Businessman and NPP Constituency Chairman for Yendi), Alhaji Abdullah Hindu (Northern Regional NADMO officer and current Regional Organiser of NPP), Alhaji Mugisu Sibawey (Businessman) and the incumbent regional Chairman, Mr. Fatawu Daniel Bugri Naabu.

Polls Results:

Mr. Adam Samba 236 (76.1%) Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu 30 (9.7%), Alhaji  Abdallah Hindu 8 (2.6%) Alhaji Amadu Inusah 2 (0.6%) and Alhaji Mugisu Sibawey  0 (0.0%).

The survey was conducted on one-on-one and telephone interviews format in all the 31 constituencies in the region. The opinion poll was conducted between January 7th 2018 to 27th February 2018.

The question post to respondents was; who do you want to become the next NPP Northern Regional Chairman and why?

The opinion polls had respondents in all the constituencies in the region and all interviewees’ were NPP members.

Savannanews24.com used the probability method to get the results of the overall thinking of both potential delegates and party people. Thus, savannanews24.com randomly interviewed 10 NPP members in each constituency in the Northern Region comprising of 5 males and 5 females.

The result of the opinion polls is to predict the outcome of the NPP Regional elections or determine the opinions and characteristics of the candidates’ supporters.

Again, the survey sought to test the popularity of aspirants for the NPP Regional top-post.

Probability sampling is the fundamental basis for all survey research. The basic principle: If selected correctly, a randomly selected small sample of a population of people can represent the attitudes, opinions, or projected behavior of all of the people from which the sample is obtained.

Respondents said, all those vying for the chairmanship position are very competent and party people but however, the party must choose a chairman who will be more appealing to both members of the party and other political parties, especially floating voters.

Most respondents also maintained that good leadership in party’s affairs is very paramount in consolidating unity and cohesion of the party.

Respondents said, the incumbent chairman of the party, Mr. Bugri Naabu has been tried and tested but his unguided statements will create doom for the party’s future in the region.

They said, Mr. Naabu though a respectful elder of the party have not been able to bring unity to the party, saying that, party is currently divided and in crisis.

Again, Mr. Naabu’s seems to be fighting everybody in the party including the Northern Regional Minister, his Deputy and some party parliamentarians in the region.

However, respondents that want Mr. Bugri Naabu to remain the party’s chairman said, the party needs somebody like Bugri Naabu to say things as it is without fear or favour. They said, the ways of the incumbent Chairman is good for the party in the region.

During the polls exercise not much was said about the other contenders including Alhaji Abdallah Hindu, Alhaji Inusah and Alhaji Mugis Seabawey but respondents that voted for them said, they are fine gentleman who can bring sanity to the party.

Apart from the Northern Regional NADMO coordinator, Alhaji Abdallah Hindu, the other two Alhajis (Alhaji Inusah and Alhaji Mugis) are not well known in the party’s grassroots.

Respondents said the race is between the maverick incumbent Chairman, Mr. Bugri Naabu and Mr. Adam Samba, a businessman and NPP chairman of patrons in the region.

Mr. Adam Samba who leads the opinion polls is the youngest among the contenders for the NPP’s chairmanship position in the Northern Regional.

Respondents who want Mr. Samba to lead the party in the region said, he will be a good chairman than all the other contenders.

According to them, Mr. Samba is vibrant and will be more appealing to delegates.

Again, Mr. Adam Samba humbleness and respect for people can attract more people to the party.

Many have also stated that, the financial muscle of Mr. Adam Samba is another advantage, adding that, the young businessman has supported the party than any other contender for the chairmanship race.

In the just ended constituency elections in the region, 26 out of the 31 constituencies that conducted the elections, Mr. Adam Samba can claim 24 constituencies, our survey have indicated.

Savannanews24.com has also conducted other opinion polls for some regional positions of the party including the Vice Chairmanship, Secretary, Organizer, Youth Organizer and the Women organizer.

The results of the above opinion polls will be publish soon.

Source: savannanews24.com

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