On January 7, 2017, the New Patriotic Party took over management of the country from the NDC. This was after the NPP won the 2016 general elections. The incontestable victory of the NPP was the result of many factors including commitment from party leaders, members and sympathizers as well mismanagement of the country by the previous NDC administration. The victory in 2016 is now history and there is the need to strategize for 2020. Part of the measures towards another resounding victory in 2020 includes the assessment of the current leadership of the NPP at all levels.

In 2018, the kingmakers (delegates) of the NPP shall be called upon to maintain or change the current leaders. Their decisions shall entrench the victory of the NPP or deny the party’s victory in 2020. It is on the back of this that members of the NPP are calling for Alhaji Mohammed Adam Samba to run for the NPP regional chairmanship position in the Northern Region.











Chairman Samba currently chairs the Council of Patrons of the NPP in the northern region. He is a strong pillar holding the NPP in the Northern region. Chairman Samba began his voluntary service to the party as early as 1996 as a member of the Motor Riders Association in Tamale together with Alhaji Nashiru (late) and Osman Dungu. Chairman Samba worked with Mr. Bashiru Red and Mr. Yawuza Abuzie in a special monitoring team that supervised the by-election in 2004 in Bimbilla and saw Hon. Dominic Nitiwul elected as the Member of Parliament.

Chairman Samba provided and continue to provide financial and logistical support to the party. In the 2008 general elections, Chairman Samba provided fuel for the members of the Motor Riders Association throughout the campaign. His support to the regional youth wing of the NPP in the 2012 elections especially in their outreach programmes could not be quantified.

The defeats in the 2008 and 2012 elections never stopped Chairman Samba. His commitment in the 2016 campaign revealed his character as a true party man. The parliamentary candidates then, constituency executives as well as regional executives are living witnesses to testify for Chairman Samba’s contributions during the 2016 campaign.

Even as the party is now in government, Chairman Samba has supported the regional communication team with an office accommodation and a monthly support of GhȻ1000.00 for the running of the office.

Dear delegates of our great tradition in the Northern Region, we have come to this level through our commitment and team work. ‘Without commitment and team work our victory would had remain a mirage; my mission is to strengthen our party’s support my empowering the grass root teams’, Chairman Samba once said. The new leaders that we shall elect must value communication, for marking unguarded comments on issues makes our party unattractive. The new leadership should have the patience to first recognize the efforts of our members. The new regional chairperson must be appealing to non-members of the NPP. In all, the new leadership must be willing to travel the long miles with sacrifice. Chairman Samba is ready for the battle ahead.

The author is a member of the communication team for Chairman Samba’s campaign team.

Zuberu Aliu


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