Northern Region Minister goes “gay” with Bugri Naabu; pleads with delegates to retain him in a secret tape Lansah Lolly:

The has intercepted an audio recording in which the Northern Regional Minister, Hon Salifu Sa-eed is urging delegates of the party to vote massively for the incumbent NPP Northern Regional Chairman, Mr. Daniel Bugri Naabu in today’s regional elections.

Hon Sa-eed in the audio stated that, the maverick Chairman of the party has suffered in opposition and work assiduously to get victory for the party in the 2016 elections, reiterating that, Mr. Bugri Naabu should be retain to increase more for the seats of the party in the region.

“….the reason why we are here is simple, you know we belong to a big family and the family has seen growth, last time we were in opposition today we are in government, tomorrow we are going to elect our new regional elections and a number of people are vying for the positions but in everything when you are many that’s why even we have so many who are can lead your constituency but we have somebody call chairman, somebody secretary, organizer, women organizer and all that so now in this region a number of people are vying for the positions but we want to plead with you people for one very personality and that position we want all you people to give all of us an honour by helping us to go and endorse one particular candidate for the regional chairmanship position that is our current chairman… chairman Bugri Naabu, why am I saying that, we all know that Chairman Bugri Naabu if it is age we all know that he is our father and in the north here we all know how we respect age …. in our homes  traditionally has a father ever being wrong?…we …we don’t know it if your father or grandfather or the one taking care of you sometimes if they offend you …. You just say… you the son or grandson have to just say ok …next time he should do it this way but this way is not fine… in the same way is a family voting… it’s an NPP family voting and therefore Chairman has some qualities let us not been looking at his negatives, some people think he couldn’t help the way he needed to help but we were in opposition there was nothing …thank God now his party… which all of us is our part is in government… We all have the responsibility…for the fact in opposition sometimes when we were hard-press nobody could talk, he was the boldest regional chairman he could talk against any power at that time….. he will not look into face and fear anything he will tell you the way it is… so we need that bold quality because in a big family like this we need mix category of people… so I want you to look at how he has sacrifice for the party one way or the other…please not only because of him …because of the whole party… and there also we all know that if this region we don’t have very sorry experience personality like him, at least he has handle us in opposition and we have won… and one thing I want to plead with you people leadership goes with some blessings God gives you … people say luck but in religious people we say its blessings…. He has been blessed in winning seats historically The number of NPP chairmen we have had in our history in this region al least in the era  tenure of Chairman Bugri Naabu  we won a number of seats…. all that I just want to say it that the type of help you will need as constituency executives is that all of us we have a responsibility we are all going to team up and do everything as a Chairman What he will do he will do it… that is why all this big faces in the party from regional to national you are seeing us because we want all The things that I’m saying is being endorsed by all of us… the whole thing is that after that we make sure that…that’s why our DCEs are here and our chairmen We are going to work with the chairmen and solved your problem… I’m appealing to you people on behalf of him… even for the fact that if for anything at all …look… because of the party he has suffered a lot. ..please let pardon … let leave everything and say look… it’s a new chapter and the new chapter is that all of us are going together to support him … so that at least you will vote him… tomorrow we are not talking about any other candidates …we are pleading the rest…as for the chairman please. …please let renew Chairman Bugri mandate”.

Our investigations has revealed that, the Minister was in that secret meeting with the some high power delegation from the seat of government.

Earlier, an aide to Mr. Bugri Naabu hinted that, there was a directive from the President, H.E. Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo for all government appointees including MMMDCEs to support his boss but his claims was rebuked by sources at the Jubilee House.

Meanwhile, voting is yet to begin at the Aliu Mahama stadium as delegates select regional officials of the party.

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