Kawastone starts first show with Zaa Radio

Source:savannanews24.com/Is Hassan Dablee:

Mr. Mohammed Abdul Rashid Kawawa known as Kawastone today began his first radio show with Zaa Radio 99.3 Mhz in Tamale.

Kawastone aka Braa Rashid tendered his resignation with former employers Radio Tamale which take effects today.

Braa Rashid host the breakfast show dubbed “Zaa Daa-bilim saha” meaning Zaa Radio market hour, a two hours program that seek to educate and entertain listeners in the Northern Region on various issues.

The Zaa Daa-bilim saha is a only one-stop business shop on radio in the region where listeners are given the best of trade and business info amidst good music.

When he sat on the Zaa Radio console today and begin to introduce himself and the show, there became a total take-over of the Northern airwaves as his smooth, sexy and enchanting voice engulf the whole region. Many listeners where like “Okay its Kawastone the legendary radio presenter”.

Savannanews24.com, based on our monitoring and investigations can confirmed that, Braa Rashid’s show on Zaa Radio 99.3 Mhz today was a total radio supremacy, the whole Tamale Metro and Sagnarigu Municipality where hooked-up.

Below were *Kawastone* playlist for his first day at *Zaa Radio*.
1.D Flex – Daam
2.Umar Janda – Ninma Dini
3.Mama Rams
4.Abu Sadiq – Pam
*Introductory Talk*
5.Sherifa Gunu – Laala
6.Dahinsheli – N-Yura
7.Ahmed Adam – Daliri Bini
8.Kasim Gazor – Takahi Bini
9.Mama Rams – Zhimi Gula
*Second Shout Outs Talk*
10.SKY – Dug Bila
11.Ziila – Trouble
12.Don Sigli – Ako
13.Kawastone – Mosquito
14.Fancy Gadam – Total Cheat
15.Choggu Boys – N’suhu
16.Ataaka – Melody
*LPM’s and Advertisements*
17.King Dalus – Daadam
18.Maccasio – Bohasi
And next was closing remarks b4,
19.Deensi – Your Style


Source :savannanews24.com

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