‘Ignore terrorist tag against me’ – Islamic Scholar

The renowned international Islamic preacher, Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips has urged Muslims around the world to ignore all negative media propaganda geared towards tarnishing the image of Islam and his hard earned reputation.

He said the tag of terrorists on renowned Muslim scholars who preach the world over, did not start in recent times as it could even be traced to the days of the Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

Born to Jamaican and Canadian parents, Dr Bilal told an audience in Tamale, the Northern Regional capital, he could not be bothered by what people think and perceive of him.

Dr Bilal’s arrival in Ghana sparked controversy after some media houses attempted linking him to terrorist organizations around the world.

Dr Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips has been banned from entering several countries, including the UK, US and Kenya.

On various social media platforms, residents expressed fear that the arrival of the Canadian citizen could incite Ghanaian Muslims to violence.

But delivering a public lecture at Afa Yussif Ajaura Mosque in Tamale on the topic: ‘On who’s responsibility is it to spread the word of Islam,’ Dr Bilal described all publications seeking to portray him as a bad person as false and a deliberate attempt by some people to hinder the spread of the Islamic faith in Tamale.

“Their false publications nearly stopped the lecture. I met with the authorities, the minister and police commander and after carefully looking at my credentials and academic records they gave the green light for the lecture,” he said.

Dr Bilal said ISIS, Al-Shabab and other groups perpetrating acts of violence in the name of Islam do not represent Islam.

“They are not true representatives of Islam and only hijacked Islam and used it for their own hidden agenda. They are misguided Muslims who have gone astray”, he revealed.

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