Double Tee is undoubtedly the most strategic rapper in Northern GH. he is by far logically unpredictable, initiative, proactive, a go-getter, and to add an icing on the cake he is best described as a talent bank. His enviable lyrical dexterity sets him apart from competition, and his creativity is that of a think tank rap genius. From the camp of the ‘Boss Family’ comes the rare gem that has broken boundaries and made some rappers to switch to gospel music. The weight of his punchlines, and the sequence of his flow on beat is enough to make the ‘deaf & dumb’ dance to tunes they can barely hear. He defies all odds and refuses to heed to the norm as he believes that, doing the same thing all the time only produces same results.

It is often said that success never lowers itself to accommodate us, hence we only got to raise our standards to meet it. This seem to be the guiding principle of Double Tee (Understand) who chose to arrest his fears and conquer his dreams. In the last couple of months, he shot the northern Music Industry ablaze as he stirred up the pot of controversy with his “Shei ka o shei” track, which ignited an emotional tongue wagging by people who felt tickled by the content of the song. This was a build up strategy to hype his upcoming ‘New Guy concert’ but many with little understanding of showbiz trends interpreted it differently, and viewed it with passionate lenses of subjective interpretations. It became the most talked about song of that moment. But what baffles me is the failure of many to come in to terms with the fact that, controversy itself is a brand, and showbiz is all about staying relevant and keeping your brand awake in the minds of music lovers. On one hand he was hailed by some music lovers and on the other, he received an oedaematus quantum of public backlash. But in as much as some felt it was an inditement to the growth of his brand, and could mar the beauty and turn out for his show, it would actually be unpardonable to overlook the impact of that song to the success of the ‘NEW GUY CONCERT’. I stand to be corrected, but that concert was the most successful show staged in Radarch in the whole of 2017.

Amidst the brouhaha that accompanied the ‘sheei ka o sheei’ song, the ‘Kadi puli’ hitmaker knew a song titled 69 would become another most anticipated banger, as it would heighten the interest of music lovers to greatly desire to know what its content holds. The waiting period was the greatest suspense of 2017 with regards Northern showbiz. Do you agree that those that couldn’t wait to listen to the track were those that took the earlier track personal? But when the track was eventually dropped, it seemed to have defied public expectations. But if out of disappointment you even choose to puff after listening to the song, bottom line, it was still listened to.. Am I not justified in why I think he is the most strategic?. He surely has the magic of mesmerizing your attention with his tactics and equally imprisoning your ears with his music. If you disagree with me, what then is your definition of strategy in Showbiz?

He busk to his credit incalculable hits, as every beat he spits on becomes ear friendly. Talk of (Nzo Issah, New guy, Kadi puli, Sheei ka o sheei, Wonder ‘ft. Article one’ Dangerous, just to mention but a few) Most of these songs were produced by DJ OJAH the beat monster. The Studios of Ojah is arguably the harbour of most northern hits. Call him the God father of dreamtyme records (Bohima…..).

The little said about Double Tee’s Ah’yi song the better. It would come as a shock if that particular track do not win the most creative northern showbiz art of 2017. The anticipation of the release of its episodes by individuals that follow the terrain of Northern showbiz, could only be likened to that of the movie ‘Game of thrones’ one of the greatest world selling movies of our time. And the comic touch it comes with, made it a never boring piece of art no matter how frequent it is listened to..


I must take a moment to reiterate that, music lovers are ‘flirts’ and the person you call your fan today was once someone else’s fan.. And believe it or not, a fan would pledge allegiance to a particular artiste but his music gallery would contain more songs of the artist he doesn’t publicly declare his support for. And that is a true fact.. People who claim to hate the art of Double Tee are those who mostly listen to his songs behind the scenes. His charisma spreads miles away from where he is sighted.
In his own words, he says he is the new guy ruling the game and I just couldn’t agree more. Understand is the slogan but North is yet to understand that what we have seen of him is just a tip of the iceberg, because a bird just whispered in to my ear that his vision is a limitless one. As he intend to thrill fans to a standing ovation with the following line up of activities to wave the 2017 year a good bye.
The track to be dropped next is dubbed; ‘Take it back (gmaa). With the way he titles his tracks not even the sound engineer can pre-empt his lyrical content. To be subsequently followed by a track titled “where am from” another great banger fans must look forward to. And finally sign the 2017 year off with ‘kadi Puli remix’. (Another thought provoking content, I guess)

Double Tee is warming up to drop an all time album in 2018. (Album title withheld). He is the best bet to join the bracket of artist who stages shows at the Tamale sports stadium. And I can bet my last coin to say that, numbers in that show would come as a shocking revelation to current reigning Tamale based artists.

Riding on a hype horse is only tantamount to playing on the emotional keyboards of your fans, because sustaining yourself at the top is much more difficult than getting to the top. It is against this backdrop that Double Tee chose to build his brand with a greater percentage of his personal efforts. The very reason he has done few collaborations with big artists. But having carved an image for his brand now, he currently seem to be planning on some hit collaborations with Africa music icons (Names withheld), who’s brands are a household name in African Showbiz. #Anticipate.

People that know little about the life journey of Double Tee and his musical career, thinks its one of a bed of roses. But there is a story behind every glory. He is where he is today because he believes winners never quit. It won’t come as a surprise, if he soon lands himself a contract signing from one of the most reputable music labels of our time. For many that didn’t know, Double Tee stands for the traditional name ‘Maltiti’. And this is what I believe it stands for.
D: Dexterity
O: Outstanding
U: Undisputed
B: Blissful
L: Lyrical
E: Excellence

T: Tactical
E: Energetic
E: Endowed

Double Tee is a complete personification of the word #rap. (Watch this space for more updates on what’s trending with the brand DOUBLE TEE (Understand).

Contact: 0242711108
Twitter: kingbrains123


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