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The northern showbiz has seen a tremendous progress in recent years. It’s a tough balance for even some ardent lovers of the industry to comprehend the force that triggered its sudden Facelift hitherto. These development, well intentioned, could not have happened on the spur of the moment without the toil and sacrifices of certain well-meaning individuals. The industry without any shred of doubt is fast been repleted with powerful folks who have done far too good to see it soar to this enviable height. These industry players have given their all and pulled the industry up to a position from pretty much nothing to attain the limelight it currently has. I don’t know if it would be heavier on my lips to refer to them as game changers, but truth be told… they have contributed their widow’s mite to raise the bar in the world of the northern showbiz.
There are certainly key players and actors therein who have differently flipped the switch for the good of the industry and one of such is Mohammed Abubakari Naporo who stands out for a particular mention. The exploits of this wonderful lad on the airwaves cum the industry is way far beyond the expectations of his admirers. The first cry of Mohammed Abubakari Naporo on planet earth was first heard in Nyankpala on Friday May 11, 1984. A town he equally had his basic education and later proceeded to Business Senior High school (BISCO) in Tamale. After completion in the year 2006, his passion for media got him enrolled in Abesim school of radio and television in Sunyani, where he acquired indepth knowledge in radio and later got himself groomed by Father Wisky of Fila FM whom he considers his Godfather in radio. Known in media cycles today as Dj Parara alias Majority leader. His first job on radio came in the early 2007. Dj Parara made his big-consoles debut on radio precisely, North Star Fm in February 2007. His years at North Star Fm lasted for a little below a decade, a period between 2007-2015 where he virtually secured for himself a promising radio host staple.
Dj Parara started it all at North Star as a brunch time presenter, announcements cum news reader and a reporter as well. Whilst at North star FM, Dj Parara saw the need to further his education so as to be able to adapt to evolving trends in the ever-growing competitive industry, which saw him reading marketing under Diploma in Business at the renowned Tamale Technical University for 2 years then called Tamale Polytechnic and subsequently warranting the continuation of his course with Higher National Diploma (marketing option). Equally on his days at North star, he teamed up with other industry players that shared his school of thought to register an esteem company by name Northern Entertainment Concept(NEC). A company that was constituted by DJ Parara, Mr Tel of zaa radio fame, Nash Iddi, Sensational DJ and DJ Mezz of diamond fm. This organization in particular recorded two(2) successful concerts: instances for citation are the Samini Mtn tour and Linkz entertainment tour at the Tamale sports stadium. In a twist of fate, founders of the Northern Entertainment Concept splitted and he(DJ Parara) together with DJ Mezz came up with a new company registered under the name NORTH LINKZ ENTERTAINMENT, which can busk into its credit, the successful staging of events such as the Yess Boss Tour, Rappa Holic concert, City Invasion, Davido in Tamale, Yess Boss Tour Reloaded and other events which equally saw the limelight.

The Majority Leader
The Majority Leader

However, the young chap(DJ Parara) had other quiet aspirations that were the product of his childhood love for entrepreneurship. His dreams finally became tangible when he singlehandedly registered his own company under the prestigious name #PARARA ENTERTAINMENT. This outfit was unveiled for Event organization, Artist Management, Movie production, Directing and everything Film making. One breakthrough achievement that left a scar on the minds of all showbiz lovers was when PARARA ENTERTAINMENT sunshine set the Northern showbiz alight through the discovery of LIL K, ATAAKA, and subsequently out of his own benign benevolence also supported the then up and coming artists like Fancy Gadam ,Diva 1, Maccasio and many more of their ilk. Also to the credit of PARARA ENTERTAINMENT was the production of the ever expensive and most patronized movie in northern region, titled DAGBON POLITICS. Everything about the movie raised its standard above viewer expectations thereby setting it apart from what was available in the northern movie market. Of course great things come with greater costs. An amount of Ghc75,000 was what made its production a possibility. But what killed the worry of its production cost was the realization of a whopping Ghc 345,000 through the premier and sale of copies of the movie. Production and marketing of this movie served as a spring that propelled the evergreen DJ into the glare of instant stardom, landed him big gigs and grabbed him universal attention. Even though it was just a single movie worth of screen time, it succeeded in winning him a lot of laurels including documentary contracts from reputable NGOs such as USAID, WINROCK INTERNATIONAL, IPA et al. What finally put an icing on the cake was when the movie (Dagbon politics) won the best movie award (three northern regions) at the 2017 Northern Entertainment Awards (NEA). and he (Mohammed Abubakari Naporo) took home the best movie Director (Northern Region) in what was regarded the toughest and closed to call category of that night. It would be an unpardonable oversight if I fail to mention that Mohammed Abubakari Naporo was also crowned best event organizer and best promoter under North Links Entertainment in the 2016 Northern Music Awards (NMA). Adding to the numerous plaques of recognition his efforts has raked home over the years. DJ Parara’s engagement in the industry has seen him breaking ice and building a very formidable relationship with topnotch artists in Ghana such as; the rap god-Sarkodie and the Africa dancehall sensation Stone Bwouy just to mention but a few and not forgetting some few other world selling artists in Nigeria including the ‘Banana Fall On You’ hitmaker Davido, Selebobo and J. martins.
Through hard work DJ Parara was appointed marketing manager of Bishara radio in 2015. And for consistency, commitment, diligence and by merit he was elevated a tad more into the Managing Directorship position in January, 2017. He has since made Bishara a giant force to reckon with in radio business till date. The professional programming on Bishara Radio seem to have imprisoned the ears of every Northern radio lover.

In the words of Fancy Gadam “jerigu ko n yen bori ni Dunia zaa yu o” which literally means; only a fool expects love from all. DJ Parara’s journey so far has not been one of a bed of roses. It wasn’t one devoid of potholes and thus required more than courage to navigate. I stand to be corrected on this but he is one among the many Northern Showbiz icons that has received an oedaematus quantum of public backlash and criticism for various reasons. Visible among them all is who actually got his sympathy between the Gadam Nation and 69 fraternities. But take it or leave it controversy itself is a brand in Showbiz. He believes a problem becomes a real problem depending on how you react to it. Chinua Achebe once said that “if you choose to respond to every dog that barks at you on your way, you surely wouldn’t get to your destination in time” for that would only shift your focus. Majority leader as he prefers to be called thinks that criticism in Showbiz should construct him but not destruct him and that is why he chose to build a mansion with stones thrown at him instead of selectively focusing on the emotional trauma that accompanies it… Does it not seem baffling and defying of public expectation to see him relate well and even invite on his talk shows artists or persons perceived as having issues with him? It’s a murky and dicey industry and how you choose to play your cards is what determines your growth in it.

Indeed Madam Charlotte Osei herself has a vote but wouldn’t allow her sympathy for a political party to outshadow or outweigh her professional ethics.

We live in a world where a blame game has become a convenient way to console oneself out of a problem. So he chose to remain a solid rock that can surmount the seemingly insurmountable storm that has bedevilled the industry.

DJ Parara has been the first media icon to successfully host a popular TV show in Northern Ghana dubbed “The Gbewaa show” on NTV.

A TV program that has the largest and unprecedented viewership within the Savannah zone and beyond. His talkshows has made major news headlines in both electronic and print media.

Since the inception of his program, Friday nights of many has become one of a friendly time of fun, education and entertainment with NTV.

As he disects issues of public relevance and puts his guests on the hotseat to give you mind blowing revelations. DJ Parara is by far the hottest and most enterprising MC for entertainment events in North today. You can hate him behind the scenes but the reality would hit at you when you meet him one on one and get drowned in his ever-blazing charisma. If you ever meet him and forget all the numerous names he posseses just call him #Mr. North@heart.

BY: Dadinkai Mohammed Ibn Tawfiq (👑 KING-BRAINS) Contact: “0242711108” Email: Twitter: KINGBRAINS123

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