Demonstrations are gradually losing impact – Lecturer

Demonstrations across the world are gradually becoming unattractive and effective, says a Political Marketing Expert.
According to Dr Kobe Mensah who is also a lecturer at the University of Ghana Business School, the ineffectiveness and unattractiveness of demonstrations across the world is due to so many forces-most especially, evolution of the workplace.”
He explains that the emergence of private sector jobs and small scale industries have a toll on the impact of demonstrations.
Workers in a Ghana in a coordinated protest registered their displeasure with the recent increase in utility tariffs and prices of petroleum products.
Hundreds of workers poured onto the streets of the various regions in Ghana to join the demonstration.
The General Secretary of the Workers Union says the workers could no longer accomodate the killer taxes tand hikes in petroleum products that had been imposed by the government.
He said the demonstration was hugely successful.
“We consider this demonstration as a 98 per cent success. In tranquility, in terms of attendance, in terms of comportment by both the police and the general membership.
He added that the protest has made an impact because workers were able to pour their hearts out on placards and in media interviews they granted.
But Dr Kobe believes that this demonstration, like many others across the world have limited impact.
“The workplace is changing-we now have quite a lot of private companies as opposed to public sector jobs. So when you have people working in private jobs, they then get afraid of being kicked out of their jobs so they rather stay at their offices and work,” he explained.
He further added that most people have lost interest in demonstrating because of the increasing realization that in the past, most of these demonstrations have not yielded any results so they rather concentrate on their jobs instead of taking to the streets.


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