Chairman Samba leadership is solid, unparallel and surpass all – NPP Scribe Lansah Lolly:

The leadership of the Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Mohammed Adam Bantimah Samba is been described as unprecedented in the history of the party in the region.

According to the regional chief Scribe, Alhaji Alhassan Yakubu Sibdow the Chairman Samba led administration is solid, unparallel and surpass all, but quickly added that all the regimes that came before the Chairman Samba led administration have done a great job, however, the Chairman Samba regime stands tall under the current circumstances.

In an exclusive interview to respond to some allegations leveled against the Chairman Samba led administration for underperformance since they took the helms of affairs of the party in the region, Alhaji Sibdow hinted that those making the allegations are either economic with the truth or they have a personal vendetta with the current leadership of the party in the Northern Region.

Chairman Samba aka Chairman Do All

Building the party cohesion

He said, the party after the regional executives’ elections in 2018 was in tatters and shambles but Chairman Samba strategically brought everybody on board. “Before that elections, we were all in camps, the Bugri Naabu camp, Chairman Samba camp, Alhaji Hindu camp, Alhaji Dagomab Boy camp but after that elections, Chairman Samba brought everybody together. The first point of call was a meeting with Chief Bugri Naabu and then follows a reconciliation process between winners and losers to heal the wounds aftermath of the elections. And that was the beginning of reorganizing the party in unity and with fortitude”.

The NPP Northern Regional secretary affectionately called Alhaji Sey said the cohesion among the rank and file of the party is very formidable and strong due to the initiatives of Chairman Samba.

Mr. Sibdow said the structures of the party from the polling stations up to the council of elders are well organized under the leadership of Chairman Samba, saying “Chairman Samba has ensured that, all the structures of the party is working by providing the needed logistics”. “I am not saying that the current leadership is 100 percent but we have done marvelously well to the admiration of the rank and file of the party” He added

He hinted that the Regional Chairman is working with everybody so far as the growth of the party is concerned, “Chairman Samba has not neglected anybody in the party and in fact he is working closely with people who contested with him. He is working with former Chairman Bugri Naabu, Alhaji Hindu, and others. And these are great men of the party he defeated in an election. Chairman Samba is working with everybody except those who want to be backbenchers”.

Alhaji Sibdow said Chairman Samba led administration has prioritized every structure of the party, including the teeming youth, women groups, polling stations executives, the council of elders, constituency up to the regional level, adding that, for the first time the party has an ultra-modern regional headquarters solely funded by Chairman Samba.

“Chairman Samba has acquired a plot of land to construct a permanent regional headquarters, constituency offices are either been renovated or newly built with logistics courtesy Chairman Samba since the helms of affairs”. He revealed

 Election 2020

Though the NPP in every general election maximizes its votes at an appreciable level in the Northern Region, however, the performance of the party in the 2020 general elections was unprecedented.

The NPP has increased its votes from 286,868 (41.34%) in 2016 to 391,446 (46.08%) in 2020, an increament of 104,578 votes.

The appreciable votes in the Northern Region have greatly impacted the victory of the NPP in the 2020 general elections.

Since the inception of the 4th republic, the NDC has had a hold on the region but the dynamics have changed in the 2020 elections as both the NDC and NPP shared the 18 parliamentary seats, 9 apiece.

Here’s a brief breakdown of how the NPP and NDC fared in the northern region’s parliamentary representation since 1996.

1996 NPP 3 – NDC 9; 2000 NPP 2 – NDC 12; 2004 NPP 4 – NDC 12; 2008 NPP 3 – NDC 12; 2012 NPP 6 – NDC 11; 2016 NPP 9 – NDC 9;  2020 NPP 9-NDC 9.

The NPP Northern Regional Secretary said several initiatives resulted in the success chalked so far, adding that, a lot of things were put in place to achieve that goal.

He revealed that going into the 2020 elections the leadership of the party put in place various mechanisms and strategies to drive the needed result, adding that, they make sure that no constituency was left behind. “|All the constituencies were given the needed logistics and resources to work with”.

“Our aim was to win more seats than the NDC and increase the presidential votes to an appreciable level, though we did not win more seats, however, we achieved our ultimate target by increasing President Akufo-Addo votes to over a hundred thousand votes”. He said

The NPP Regional Secretary hinted that, though they did not achieve the “agenda 15 seats” however, the party performed incredibly well in the 2020 elections.

He touts that, the NPP in Northern Region did very well in the presidential votes than any other region in the last general elections.

Alhaji Sibdow Sey hinted that the Northern Region is gradually turning into a stronghold of the NPP, saying “We have made the NPP more attractive to the people …the number of defectors from the NDC to NPP before the 2020 general elections were unprecedented. And these are all the good works of Chairman Samba-led administration”.

Allegations of Cabal

An allegation leveled against Chairman Samba suggested that a cabal has been formed by him to sideline or axe some regional executives of the NPP.

But the NPP Regional Chief Scribe debunked the allegations and urged the rank and file of the party to treat it with a pinch of salt.

According to him, there is no such thing as a cabal among the regional executives, reiterating that, the leadership of the party is solid and unbreakable.

“Chairman Samba has not sidelined any executive or formed a cabal among the leadership, in fact, we are together working for the benefit of the party. So there is no such thing as cabal in the regional executive front”. He said,

The NPP Regional Secretary called on the rank and file of the party to ignore baseless allegations that might have the tendency of bringing disunity among the leadership of the party.

He assured that teeming youth of the party to be patient as many jobs will be created under the second term of President Akufo-Addo, adding that, no youth will be left out.

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