Buildings on waterways will be destroyed-Tamale Mayor Lansah Lolly:


The Mayor of Tamale, Hon Iddrisu Musah Superior has threatened to pull down buildings and settlements on water ways prevent floods in the metropolis.

He charges that, the assembly will enforce the laws to move people out of waterways to curtail the perennial flooding in the Tamale metropolis.

“The laws of Ghana is very clear about building on waterways, we are going to enforce the laws so that people will begin to do the right”. he reiterated

The Tamale Metropolis got flooded during a 4 hours torrential rain that kills 3 persons, left many homeless and destroys properties worth millions of Ghana cedis.

The Tamale Mayor believed that, the major cause of flooding in the metropolis is due to settlements and buildings on water ways, saying that, these settlements prevent a free flow of water when it rains thus creating flooding in the metropolis.


Speaking to the media in Tamale, Hon Iddrisu Superior said, residents on water ways will be compensated to make way for proper drainage system in the Metropolis.

Hon Iddrisu said, there have been a determine effort since the floods disaster to make sure that all the drains within the metropolis are fit.

The outspoken Tamale Mayor also attributed the flooding to bad habits and irresponsible citizenry, “ look… how can you on earth have people throwing rubbish in gutters and you think that the drains will be free?… it is not gonna be free… it is irresponsible citizenry… indiscipline seeing people throwing rubbish in gutters and wanting the drains to flow freely,  it cannot flow … it just wrong to allow your wife to come and put rubbish on gutter…  that is wrong, its means that your wife is going to be contributing to killing the lives of people when it rains, so my appealed for us is to conduct ourselves in a manner that is accepted, in a manner that shows patriotism and in a manner that shows that we are all discipline people”.

Tamale Mayor
Tamale Mayor

He said, the level of destruction is absolutely sad, “One of the devastating moment of life was when I came around and watch people not having a place to sleep, the cause of havoc is huge  been huge“.

The Tamale Mayor revealed that, there will be public discussions on the demolishing of houses of waterways, “and 6 months time we will have finish dialoguing with all stakeholders”.

Meanwhile, victims are yet to receive relief items from NADMO.



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