Basiru Bejejugu writes…”Leave the messenger alone” on Facebook

Basiru Bejejugu writes…….. on Facebook


I came under the line of fire yesterday when i wrote about the need to make Alhaji Ahmed Zakaria the northern regional NPP chairman and the need to add capable members of other dominant tribes in the region to the next regional executive team he would be leading i was among other things accused of been anti Dagomba/Mamprusi now read this….


Kamaldeen Mohammed Abdulai is the current NPP National Nasara coordinator seeking to become the national youth organizer and by all standards he is the most qualified among all the contending persons and one of our own so we northerners have no option but to fully support him with everything we have but what do we see during the just past Ramadan when his main opponent in the race Nana Boakye visited the region, constituency youth organizers under the leadership of the regional youth organizer Alhaji Rashid cop declared their support for him at the expense of our own brother.

Up to date nobody among the constituency youth organizers in the region or Alhaji Rashid have issued a disclaimer ever since the media reported this so now the question is at the time they did the ”harram’ endorsement was Kamaldeen a Zambarima man from Mali or Ibo man from Nigeria, were they paid as usual to do this shameful endorsement, those apparatchiks of these guys who came firing me because i am against Alhassan Ghana/Togo where were they when their bosses betrayed kamaldeen so you see the double standards.

We cannot blame Bugri Naabu alone for all our troubles in the region because he worked with a team and so the other team members contributed to the mess so if we are replacing Bugri we must equally replace all the others and equally reject any new person this failed executives comes to introduce to us because as the saying goes ”birds of the same feathers”…………………..

Fellow delegates did you see the bags of sugar sent to you for the Ramadan, what about bags of rice sent for the Eidul Fitr i only hope they have not find their way to market women and girl friends as usual, the CV’s you gave to this executives have they forwarded them i urge all to deal with the message and leave the messenger alone.

Have a good morning


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