Ataaka “attacks” Maccasio in Cross and Die banger

The lyrical sensation and rap heavyweight in Northern music Yakubu Issah known in showbiz as Ataaka has sent Maccasio to the coolers in his latest diss banger entitled Cross and Die.

The Cross and Die diss song describes the Rappers Jack, Maccasio as a ‘mumu rapper’ who has no talent but claimed to be a Northern rap king.

“The people of Dagbon why do you want to give my rap kingship to a deaf and dumb, I will not accept it , why?”. Ataaka said in the song’s intro

This is the second diss song against the 69 boss Maccasio and the Zola music crew within two weeks from the camp of the Ataaka.

The first diss song entitled Ajigas featuring the controversial rapper Double Tee was released just last week.

The Rappers Jack, Macassio responded to the Ajigas diss song with Overlord, a diss song against rappers in the North. Maccasio in the ‘Overload’ song claimed to be the King and Overlord of both Ataaka, Double Tee and other rappers in the region.

But Ataaka’s Cross and Die diss song which descended heavily on Maccasio has sent shivers down the spine of the Zola music crew who are yet to respond to the latest diss banger.

Calling himself the rap John Cena, Ataaka heavy punches on Macassio in the song sent him down flat without a response. The Cross and Die diss song is currently receiving a lot of airplay and over 5k youtube views.

The Cross and Die is produced by White Money studios.

The Rappers John Cena, Ataaka took to his Facebook wall after releasing the song and diss Maccasio more:

Yakubu Issah

Comfortable on the throne 🐅 #Tizoora
Who got the skillful fingers as me ? The person should link up ⚽️ 🥅 #FIFA ❤️ But pls make sure you train well! I don’t score less than 5 goals! #Tapioca 🤴

Listen to the song:



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