Figure 4: Lintel Aid Ghana donated teaching and learning materials to APERPS

Malcom X once said ‘’Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today’’. This is exactly what the people of Aboa-Besease in the Yilo Krobo Municipal in the Eastern Region of Ghana are doing. It has been twenty years, and they have been preparing for their children’s future through the springboard of education.
















Figure 1: Lintel Aid Volunteers with community elders of Amanase

The community of ‘’Amanase’’ is about thirty (30) minutes’ walk from Aboa-Besease. The nature of the roads allows either walking or the use of motor cycles. The stories of schools under trees are nothing new to us, but have you heard of a school in the middle of a forest? I present to you a typical example of such- Amanase Perseverance Preparatopry School, popularly known as ‘’APERPS’’.














Figure 2: Classes rooms of APERPS

Amanase Perseverance Preparatory School is located in Aboa-Besease. It is the only school aside a catholic school that serves both the people of Aboa-Besease and Amanase. The school has pre-school to primary six. Students who complete this level are expected to continue their junior high else where far from the town. The teachers over there are not so highly equipped in relation to teacher training background but their efforts so far are commendable.

Figure 3: Primary 6 Classroom of APERPS
Figure 3: Primary 6 Classroom of APERPS














Preferably, the staff of the school can be referred to as the ‘Nelson Mandelas’ of our time; because just like him, they also believe that education is the most powerful weapon one can use to cange the world around him/her.(paraphrased). Almost all of them come from far distances to school. Imagine going to teach school children, you get there and exhaustion is too small a word to describe the state of your tiredness. Regardless of all these they have kept on nurturing these kids. On a Lintel Aid Ghana humanitarian project tagged ‘’JOURNEY TO ABOA BESEASE’’  the team encountered very brilliant students and Lintel Aid Ghana can vouch that these students can compete with their colleague students in the cities.

Figure 4: Lintel Aid Ghana donated teaching and learning materials to APERPS
Figure 4: Lintel Aid Ghana donated teaching and learning materials to APERPS
















The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically; intelligence and character- that is the goal of true education’. Schools are being asked to do increasingly more for children than simply educate them- from feeding them to teaching them good manners and social skills. In the case of ‘’APERPS’’, there are no well structured classrooms, teaching logistics like chalk, textbooks are difficult to by, and there are not enough tables and chairs to cater for a population of about 84 pupils.

Figure 5: Emmanuel Boateng, Director of Communications of Lintel Aid Ghana (In Yellow) introducing a computer to the primary 6 class pupils for the first time and teaching ICT
Figure 5: Emmanuel Boateng, Director of Communications of Lintel Aid Ghana (In Yellow) introducing a computer to the primary 6 class pupils for the first time and teaching ICT

















Again, less than thirty percent of the pupils are in their prescribed school uniforms. One other significant encounter which brought the entire team of volunteers to tears was the lack of ICT tools in the school. The children only have a feel of what a keyboard looks like but could only picture in their minds the other components of a computer.  The children don’t read enough to improve their vocabularies due to lack of a library. However, with the little teaching that comes from their teachers they are doing well in the English Language. The school children at Amanase Perseverance Preparatory School are a real epitome of ‘brilliant but needy students’.

Is time to give chance to a conducive environment to learn and to enhance their talents and abilities.

Who would imagine that a typical remote place like Aboa- Besease would have a private school serving them and its environs? Amanase Preparatory school is in existence today because of one man’s passion to nurture the young inhabitants of a remote village. Mr. Emmanuel Joseph Darnor’s effort put into the school is one that is above amazing. Despite the lack of both teaching and learning logistics, he has made use of the little that is available to give his community one of the best legacies of life – education.  The words of Rita Person come to mind- ‘Every child deserves a champion- an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be.’’

Figure 6: Class in session in APERPS
Figure 6: Class in session in APERPS














A look at the pupils of ‘APERPS’ bring to a realization, that they represent a picture of significant gains. On the other, they represent an urgent need for further progress.

Therefore School, family, and community partnership between and among key adults in the lives of these children and youth really cannot be overlooked. Schools alone cannot meet the multifaceted learning needs of students. There are human, material, and psychological supports that can come from the general pubic. All stakeholders please help ensure that children and youth, regardless of background, have equal opportunities to learn and achieve to their full potential.

Perhaps like the mantra being sung by UNICEF on the Sustainable Development Goals- ‘’leave no one behind’’, is the same chorus we singing for the pupils of Amanase Perseverance Preparatory school. Let’s not leave these ones behind. They are also full of potentials that need to be unearthed and channeled into the developments of their communities and the nation as a whole.

We join John Adams and say ‘’before any great things are accomplished, a memorable change must be made in the system of education to raise the lower ranks of society nearer to the higher’’.

Whatsoever you do, please be reminded that the hash tag is still trending- #Aperps4Change

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Written by

Nimat E. Tijani – Beauty Queen & Journalist

Guba Dunstan – CEO, Guba Inspires

Picture Credit: Guba Inspires


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