Meet “the Branded” Mr. Tel Lansah Lolly:

Undoubtedly, the only branded radio personality within the three northern regions of Ghana is Mr. Tel aka Adugali.

Born as Abdul Halik Musah, from Nyohani a suburb of the Tamale Metropolis, Mr. Tel is a gem to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry in the Northern Region.

Mr. Tel has so much power and influenced in the Northern entertainment industry, where   industry players, including musicians, producers, managers and pundits cannot do without.

In fact he is undeniable the most controversial figure within the radio fraternity in the Northern region.

A lot of people like him because of his frankness and saying things as they are without fear and favour.

Mr. Abdul Halik Musah (Mr. Tel) who host the drive show week day and the Zaa Chart Show every Saturday on Zaa Radio in Tamale, is a maverick and outspoken radio personality.

His program, the Zaa Chart show on Saturdays is the most loved and listened entertainment review show in the Northern Region which became the first and only radio show under a corporate sponsorship. The Zaa Chart show is been sponsored by the telecommunication giant MTN.

The Zaa Chart show has over 20,000 listeners worldwide.

The maverick radio personality, Mr. Tel has the biggest brand in the region, the “ADUGALI” brand with over 7,000 members/fans within the region.

The ADUGALI movement was the first DJ brand to have organized a poolside party jam dubbed ADUGALI pool party.

The ADUGALI pool party held at the Discovery Hotel last year was a massive.

Mr. Tel through the Zaa Chart show has brought a lot of the “now” industry players into limelight including some radio and TV personalities in Tamale.

The ADUGALI brand is huge indeed.




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