Youth chases Sagnarigu District Coordinator out of office

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Some Angry NPP youth made up collation of youth groups in the Sagnarigu District this morning stormed the premises of the district assembly to demand the removal from office the District Coordinating Director, Mr. Zakaria Ibn Wumbei.

Mr. Wumbei who is supposed to be on transfer to another district 1st august 2017 has since not vacated his post.

According to our investigations the youth besieged the premises of the District Assembly but could not meet the DCD. Later on another youth group in appears at the assembly premises.

The NPP youth hinted that, the district Coordinating Director, according to their investigation, has been a nuisance to the progress of the district,

“He is doing everything possible to thwart the efforts of every DCE appointed into office to bring development to the district”. He added

Briefing the media after their action, the angry youth dares the Coordinating Director not to step his foot on the premises of the assembly.

According to them, that has always been the hallmark of the coordinating director wherever a DCE is appointed to the district and they cannot sit down unconcerned for him to succeed in crippling the efforts of the current DCE.

The NPP Sagnarigu youth revealed that, Mr. Ibn Wumbei during the era of the previous NDC administration was chased out of office in several districts including Kumbungu, Mion, Bunpkrugu-Yunyoo and others on the basis of similar behavior.

“We have heard whatever he meted out to the district in his capacity as the DCD for the area during the previous administration as was not in the best working relationship with the then DCE due to his illicit activities”.

The Youth accused the Coordinating Director of masterminding the earlier confirmation problems of the current Sagnarigu DCE Hon Mariam Iddrisu.

The NPP youth again accused Mr. Ibn Wumbei of instigating members of assembly to petition for a vote of no confidence on the hard working DCE.

The leader of the group Alhassan Abubakari Zakaria said, the Coordinating Director has been albatross to the development and progress of the District, adding that, “We have gathered that so dangerous he has been to the Sagnarigu district to the extent that he blackmails the DCEs he serves under by diabolically creating problems between the honorable Assembly members, as well as hardworking staff against the former DCE.

“Now he’s started a similar gimmick on the new DCE for the area Hon Iddrisu Mariam who is working so hard to bring the needed development to the area. This was noticed when he instigated honorable members of the assembly to petition for a vote of no confidence on the hardworking Hon DCE for the area. This we are not going to tolerate”. He stated in a press release

The NPP youth therefore call on the Northern Regional Minister Hon Salifu Saeed to intervene by stopping the Sagnarigu DCD from stepping foot to the office to forestall any problems.

“We are however urging all honorable members of the assembly as well as the hardworking staff to continue to do their work to bring the district the much needed development”. They conclude in their release



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