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Who’s Killing Ghana?

Who’s Killing Ghana?

The blame for what Ghana has become falls on the Ghanaian. It falls on all Ghanaians, Ghanaian media, our leaders, our religious institutions, civil society, public service, civil service, the private sector players, media, security, legislature, executive, judiciary, everyone.

Not our colonial masters, not the UN, not anybody from anywhere. All our presidents and their governments have failed to serve Ghana.

Nkrumah, Akofo Addo, Busia, Limamn, Rawlings, Kuffour , Mills, Mahama as well as Nana Addo, with their respective governments have failed to serve the interest of Ghana and Ghanaians.

They all governed the country thinking about themselves, their families, their friends and political associates.

They nursed and supervised leadership serving their personal interest and destroying every thing, including everyone that stands on the way to their self centred wicked corruption and illegal businesses.

They employed friends, family and party members to work with their governments, not competent Ghanaians.

They give public contracts and technical services to friends and family, not qualified Ghanaians. They most often sell the contracts and technical services to highest bidder (the one that pays the highest bribe), not competent contractors and professional service providers

They invest Ghana money and resources on projects and activities that can serve their extortionate interests, and or serve their political and personal interests, not projects and activities that serve the interest of Ghanaians and move Ghana forward. And the projects are given to family, friends and party members, and or sold to the highest bidder.

They have lived their lives creating the impression with the bad example that, leadership is all about using others and the system to get wealthy. They teach their families, friends, party members and followers dishonesty, greed, wickedness, lies, corruption, killing of innocent people and all the bad and evil activities.

These friends and family of the politicians and leaders intern teach and share same dishonesty, greed, wickedness, lies, corruption, killing and destruction of innocent people and all the bad and evil activities to their extended families and friends, as well as all other persons that associate with them.

The leaders make laws that favour them and or only enforce the aspects of the law that does not affect them. They also fish pick and choose, and most often manipulate the law and use such manipulations and deliberate wrong interpretation to destroys their opponents.

They make security arrest and torture innocent people. They make security free criminals and law breakers who are their families, friends and party members.

They make sure anyone who does not want to play along their corrupt and dishonest games is framed up and destroyed and or killed.

They make judiciary convict innocent people. They even make professionals like lawyers and others ignore their professional duty to prosecute and convict criminals. They actually influence them to completely abandon their professional responsibilities, which requires them to defend the law and ensuring justice for all clients.

They make civil and public servants ignore the systems and rules that promote good governance. The civil servants are influenced to ignore the regulations and systems, in order to create way for corruption.

In fact all professionals and technocrats are influenced by the leaders and politicians to completely ignore the professional standards and ethics, and deliver practice mainly on demand for cash and comfort.

The politicians and leaders fix their interests in religious leadership, and manipulate religious leaders and religious institutions to serve their corrupt interests. It has resulted in fake religious practitioners, whose activities are worst off than fraudsters and confidence tricksters.

They also fix their interest in traditional leadership too. Using traditional leaders to exploit our natural resources, sell it and take proceeds into their personal accounts abroad.

And they make the media publish falsehood and prevent them from airing the truth. They use the media to market lies and propagate falsehood that serve the leaders interests, but destroys the country and the people. In fact they use the media and journalist to rob off the integrity, dignity, freedom and justice of innocent and honest Ghanaians. This has made the evil works of the media and journalist more harmful to us than that of armed robbers and terrorists.

They make everyone see and feel that corruption and illegality is normal, as long as you have the opportunity of power that protects you from being punished. In fact anyone who thinks and push against the acts of corruption rather becomes a victim of hate , blackmail and destruction. The politicians and leaders of government always use their power, network, and corruption wealth to build huge public opinion against any one who thinks and fight against corruption.

This has led to the spreading of the character of virtually all Ghanaians leaving with stinking attitude of dishonesty, greed, wickedness, lies, corruption, killing and destruction of innocent few honest people and all the bad and evil activities.
The wickedness of Ghanaian leaders and our people stinks to the high heavens as we go about our daily lives, pulling down everyone and everything to become rich.

They lie against innocent people, they cover crime, they prevent Justice, they forcefully and illegally take the freedom of the honest few. They do everything evil, illegal and immoral to get money and wealth.

Our business men including politicians import substandard Chinese products, fake drugs and expired baby food unfit for human consumption, destroying the environment with galamsay aided by the Chinese and we have the nerve to complain about colonialism and slavery?

NGOs and so-called social interventionists even steal from widows, orphans, refugees and the marginalised poor and helpless. We take their food, clothing and medicines and sell it to create personal wealth. No conscience. No fear of God. Nothing is sacred. No one is spared.

Our architects, engineers and contractors build substandard roads, schools, houses, hospitals, all for profit at the expense of human life; an invaluable item which all our profit and contract sum cannot buy.
One would think this behavior is reserved for urchins but it would surprise you that this is the character of many decent looking people ( including big named pastors and imams) who appear to be normal but are not any better than Boko Haram members.

They are religious leaders, church members, social advocates, Muslims, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and sadly mostly youths.

We pervert justice and pretend we do not know right from wrong just to serve our selfish interests. We loot the State and dump the booty in Dubai and Mauritius banks.

Slave traders pale in comparison to what we do to ourselves today. We are wickedness personified.

So much envy and hatred flows in our blood and we transfer it to our children. It’s evident in what we say and do to innocent honest hard working people.

We have Ramadan, fasting and prayer sessions all year long, night vigils and deliverance when the actual problem is ourselves and character.

We simply cannot learn to love others as the Bible and Quran say. It is me, mine and myself only. That is all that ever matters. It is sickening.

Everybody goes into a profession only to be looking out ways to beat the professional standards to steal and or amass wealth. All professionals, accountants, lawyers, engineers, doctors, nurses, teachers, everyone is a victim. They don’t apply the professional standards and ethics, as well as their God given conscience in their work. Their focus is whatever that brings them cash and comfort.

As for careers like politics, journalism, clergy, and social advocacy, they have become safe heaven for criminals and corrupt people. A smart criminal only need to join any of these groups and gain their recognition, and they will protect and defend him/her all times. Sadly, one does not require any special qualification and or integrity pass to join any of the above groups.

No prerequisite, no educational or professional qualification is required to own or lead a church.

No prerequisite, no educational or professional qualification is required to lead and or be an active member of a political party.

Anyone can be called a journalist or a media practitioner; with or without proper education, and with or without integrity.

And anybody can just mobilise any group and or incorporate an entity and call himself or call herself a social commentator or a social advocate or a CEO of a social intervention NGO.

All these people don’t do anything with conscience and integrity, they all seek cash and comfort; engaging in all kinds of dishonest and corrupt practices

Any Christian or Muslim who cannot love keep the doctrines of Holiness should have no business in politics, Government and in Ghana. But hmmmm, our Christians and churches in Ghana today are the major players and front liners in all the political and business scandals in Ghana.

Until we understand this, we will continue on this path of destruction.

I can Change!
You too can Change!!
They can Change and !!!
We all can Change!!!
by Sharing and Spreading this message, and begin to act with consciences.

Change starts with Me….
and You reading this message and applying the needed change in our individual selves.

Look forward to my next post; “The Ghanaian Professional”. It will pick on every profession and every professional in Ghana, and what they actually do for cash and comfort, ignoring their respective professional and good governance standards and ethics.

Author: Assibit Philip Akpeena


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