Where is Dj Zolah?

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The most certain question that linger the mouths of many listeners of radio and music lovers in the northern region and beyond is the whereabouts of the then brunch time host of Bishara Radio Mr. Mohammed Abdul Fatawu popularly known in radio as DJ Zolah aka Odeshi.

The man with manners who was the master behind the consol between 10am to 12 mid-day on Bishara Radio was enriched with wisdom about entertainment.

Dj Zolah brought some energy into radio presentation and his choice of music and the way his relates to his audience was classical and mesmerizing.

The airwaves is becoming very doll especially the brunch time since Dj Zolah left Bishara radio some months ago, the brunch time on our airwaves  from 10am to 12 mid-day lacks the Zolah style and technics.

The young gregarious Dj Zolah resurrected the brunch time on radio after the likes of Dj Carlos, Dj Yamo, Dj Naporo who were an institution of knowledge behind the consol, their comics and vides were extraordinary that putts every radio listener on spellbound.



















“The ladies lover, the most talented DJ to have ever hit the air waves where are you?” Asked his fans

Day in day out a lot of people has been asking about him in the social media, at their work places and even at their sitting places.

Dj Zolah, a master piece and a great entertainer who uplifted the Zola Music Team and plots an outstanding background with meaning to it.

Mr. Odeshi have supported and promoted artistes in Ghana irrespective of their brands and location which gave him an accolade “The Boss Player”.

Most undergrounds music artiste who have made it to the limelight and the top today passed through him for promo, advice and guidance.



DJ Zola was a onetime entertainer to the north and beyond and a brother to the brotherhood of the music industries in the north whose service is still needed by the people including radio listeners, event organizers, artiste managers and artistes themselves.

According to a scuttlebutt, before he left Bishara Radio, he was poached and contacted by some radio stations and a TV within the country, but his fans are still asking, “Where are you our Dj?”.

What a wonder? Where is your hideout DJ ZOLA? Reveal yourself to the good people of the country and beyond for your service is still needed.




















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