We pay tax but we don’t know why we pay tax- Tamale traders

Source: savannanews24.com/Mohammed Atik Yakubu:

Tax is a compulsory monetary contribution to the state’s revenue, assessed and imposed by a government on the activities, enjoyment, expenditure, income, occupation, privilege, property, etc., of individuals and organizations.


Every government needs money to perform civil operations and to administrate the running of the state. This money is generally collected from the citizens of the state in the name of the tax.

So, it becomes virtually impossible for the government to run without the tax. Every state has his own way of collecting tax from its citizen. Ignorance about tax has could lead you to variety of problem.
The tax revenue are used for developmental projects such as, schools, roads, health facilities, providing electricity to the citizenry.

Multinational companies are also suppose to pay tax to help develop the nation but we ask ourselves, are they really doing what is expected of them? Some of the companies find various ways of not paying the tax.

An interview carried out in Tamale market shows that a lot of people know what tax is, what it is intend for and also the reason why they should pay tax.

However, a lot traders says the pay tax every but they don’t know why they tax.

Yussif Issah, a butcher at the Tamale central market said they have been paying tax every day and it is very important to pay the tax because the tax is being use for developmental projects.

When ask if he feels some of the tax money should be use for girl child education, he said, “it will be very good and government should put in place a very good monitoring team to always monitor to make sure that the intended purpose for the use of some of the tax revenue is achieve.
Another trader who also shares what she knows about tax is, was a small scale trader. She also agreed to the fact that is very important to pay tax and that it for the benefit of every citizen. And that every citizen should be ready to pay tax including the multinational companies, who she thinks are those to be paying the largest percentages of the tax revenue. She went ahead to edge government to use the tax revenue for more developmental projects and also do well to improve the girl child education.
Another small scale trader said she thinks they should be exempted from paying tax and that it should be directed to the multinational companies.


Others whom were interviewed also shared similar sentiments and also edge government to use the tax revenue for more developmental projects and also providing security to all citizens.

One tricycle driver said that, government should punish anyone found culprit of not paying tax, especially the multinational companies. Because they are those he think are found of dodging the tax payment.

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