Upper Music and Cultural Festival is today

On the 30th March 2018, is going to be a special day for my beloved people in the Upper West Region, for our very own brother and son Raph Ahmed GH will be organizing a grand program at the national theater geared towards promoting Upper West Music and Cultural Festival. Most of us are aware of Raphius, and how he is trying all his possible best to lift the Upper West music higher.

Most of us will agree to the fact that, this is one of the biggest and boldest step taken to move the Upper West music industry higher. This program is not for King Raphius alone but a collective one for the whole Upper West Region.

We all have the responsibility to develop the region musically by supporting this program with all strength and heart. We need to do all our possible best to help this program come to a successful end as the time approaches.

Let us be frank with ourselves, whoever is interested in the development of Upper West music and the region as a whole, will see this step as a positive leeway for the region’s music to move forward. However, it sometimes saddens me, to see our own people talking ill about this program and the person behind this great move.

Let me make this clear, to those of us who see this program as something that is not going to succeed, that is your thinking alright but remember this program is bearing the name of Upper West music. King Raphius, this bold step you have taken to move the Region forward is one of its kind. I must appreciate the effort of all those who publicize this program on your social media handles, thanks for the patriotism exhibited. But those of you who will say I want the program to be successful and you are absolutely doing nothing about it, trust me it will be very difficult for king Raphius alone to be able to move this program to it successful end without our support.

RAPHIUS do not worry about criticisms for they are always welcome in every step a man takes in this life, even if that thing is for the good of the society and I am of no doubt that, these criticisms are just but have nothing to do with the success of this program. As my grandfather used to tell me, boy, good things do not come easy except you go through the hard way, I am of no suspicion that this program will be very successful. The days are numbered my people in upper west, let us justify to the whole Ghana about our unity and support by getting the tickets of this program and completely fill the national theatre like never before. The good people of Upper West, let us not let our champion down; let us lift him higher by honouring this program, Ghana need to hear from us, we deserve better than this. My people in Accra, Circle, Nima, Newtown and the rest are you ready? Kumasi fuo ‘’MU YE READY ANAA’’? Upper West ‘’YE BIE SU-RENG’’? Tamale! My second home ‘’KAWULA’’? Bolgatanga, Baazu ‘’HOBAHIYA’’ Cape Coast, Sunyani, Tadi the oil city do not be left out, my Voltarians please come and get thrilled and entertained, Kof town where are you. Please come and be part of this grand and epic program from the north. In fact, everybody is welcome to our program… Long live Ghana… long live the Upper West Region… long live king Raphius……

by Suntaa Ibrahim…..

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