Tamale Mayor flared up over return of hawkwers

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The Mayor of Tamale, Hon Iddrisu Musah is furious about what he describes as sabotage by the task force instituted to bring sanity into the metropolis.

Upon assuming office, the Tamale Mayor formed a task force to ripoff the city of lawlessness and make it one of the best law abiding metropolis in the African Subregion. The task force which includes the police, military, fire service, immigration service and some civilians on the 15th of May 2017 brought sanity to the central business district of the metropolis.

The task force in an exercise raided unauthorized structures and drive away hawkers selling on the streets, pavements and pedestrian walkways.

Hon Iddrisu vow to maintain the activities of the task force until the city became clean and accessible but the task force for reasons not clear to savannanews24.com abandon the exercise  which infuriated the Tamale Mayor.

Traders and hawkers are back on the streets to sell their wares with impunity.

The Metropolitan Chief Executive of Tamale wrote on his Facebook page;

“Whatever the case may be, noboday had the right to ask the People to back into the streets. My disappointment stermed from the fact that you refused to listen to the military, Mr Baba Nkabo, etc and took that decision without the approval of the Assembly. Look, I don’t care what people say about me. My intention is to do my utmost best. I do not seek for praises or love. WHAT you guys have done is Complete betrayal of the trust and Confidence I had in you but I swear to Allah that this exercise will not fail with or without the task force. I will lead it myself henceforth.

Today I will lead the military to clear the streets. We are not going to wait until Tuesday as RIDICULOUSLY suggested by some. WE SHALL GET THE PEOPLE OUT OF THE STREETS. JUST WATCH!”


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