Sheikh Dalhu launches campaign to fight against climate change in Ghana Lansah Lolly:

The spiritual leader of the Shia Muslim Ummah in the Northern Region, Sheikh Abdul Mumin Dalhu has launched a campaign dubbed “Dalhu Greening project” to protect and preserve nature for the betterment of humanity.

The Dalhu Greening Project to fight against climate change will in one year plant 1 million trees in the northern region.

Launching the project at a press conference to mark the birth month of the Prophet Mohammed, the Shia Leader reiterated that, Prophet Mohammed (SAW) through the course of his life was much concern about the environment and its protection thus left a legacy of protecting and preserving nature in which the renowned spiritual leader and scholar defined as the Ecologically Sunnah of the Prophet.

He said, the Prophet has revealed many direct and indirect teachings and practices related to the environment and its protection. “These hadiths contain many warnings against the pollution of rivers and seas”.

The hadiths according the Shia Leader points to the need to keep the home, place of worship clean, not to urinate by water sources, river side’s and stagnant water.

Sheikh Dalhu quoted the Holy Prophet Mohammed “Any of you shall not urinate in stagnant water because they may do ablution with that water later”.

He said, there are many teaching of the Holy prophet that encourages the greening and afforestation of the environment.

“Our Prophet Muhammed (SAWW) whom we are celebrating today emphasized on the importance of tree planting and gave us explicit orders to plant trees to save humanity”. He noted

The Shia Leader reiterated the vital importance of planting trees to serve the planet earth, saying, “they give us oxygen, absorb carbon dioxide, stabilize the soil, protect water bodies, reduce global warming and give life to the wildlife”.

Sheikh Dalhu revealed that, with his spiritual undertakings cities with more trees have less crime rate thus the need to plant more trees for lesser crimes and for that matter more life and peace in Ghana.

“Despite the importance of trees, human beings are recklessly cutting them down for their worldly needs, something the vegetation is needlessly destroyed by man”. He said

Sheikh Dalhu said “According to United Nations Environmental Program, the present global rate of forest depletion afflicts damage on 247 million hectares of forest annually. This has to be minimized because our life is not possible without trees. Instead of cutting them, we should rather grow more trees for better life”.

According to the National Tree Planting, the forestry commission estimates about 6.6 million hectares of Ghana’s 8.2 million hectares of forest cover is being depleted over the years through indiscriminate human activities. Currently, the remaining 1.6 million hectares of forest cover is being threatened by illegal lumbering and other human activities.

The Shia Leader said, to curb the situation of forest depleting needs creative radical response thus the Dalhu Greening Project to preserve and protect the environment through consented and holistic approach.

“People need to be educated about the importance of trees and that every individual should play his/her role to protect the existing trees and also plant more”.

Sheikh Dalhu urged the people of Ghana especially people of faith to adhere to the teachings and practices of the Holy Prophet by planting trees to symbolize memorial days, such as weddings, child’s naming ceremonies, funerals, Eid day, Maulid and any important day in once life.

The PRO to the Shia Leader, Mr. Abdul Nasir Issah said, the Dalhu Greening Project before the end of the year will plant 3,000 trees in the Northern Region.

He said, the project on December 3rd 2019 will plant some trees in Zogbeli, Tamale central suburb and later more to Sagnarigu, Savelugu, Mion and Yendi.

Mr. Abdul Nasir said, the Dalhu Greening project has identified some stakeholders and partners to achieve the overall objective.

He hinted that, the project will not only plant trees but will establish massive campaign strategies to inculcate the general public on the importance of tree planting and its existence in shaping nature and humanity.

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