Sagnarigu NPP youth accuses MCE of disrespect and neglect

Some NPP Youth in the Sagnarigu Municipality has accused the Municipal Chief Executive of the area, Hon Iddrisu Mariam of thwarting the gains of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) through her actions and inactions towards party faithful in the Municipality.

According to them, the Sagnarigu MCE have no respect for the elders of the party, “It will interest you to know that elders or executives who find their way into her residence will only be told that the time she, Hon. Mariam Iddrisu wakes up from bed to meet visitors is still not up. They will have to wait hours upon hours and times out of frustration they will have to leave or she comes out not attending to them”.

The NPP youth, calling themselves Aggrieved and Concern Youth of NPP at a press confab in Choggu, Monday stated that, Hon. Mariam Iddrisu has no respect for both the elders and constituency executives of the party thus runs an autocratic leadership style. “Its an undisputable fact that the party under which she serves believes in the immense and selfless roles our founding father’s and elders have played and this has led us to where we as a party today. Since she assumed office as the Municipal Chief Executive its only once she met with the executives. If nothing at all which should have been quarterly so that the way forward for the party in the district can be discussed”.

Mr. Abdul Razak Bashiru speaking to the press

Speaking to journalists, a member of the group and Chairman of NPP Liberals, Mr. Abdul Razak Bashiru again accuses the Sagnarigu MCE of bias, not trustworthy and reliable in her official duties, “Last year, we the Liberals; a youth group was tasked to go and clean around a toilet at Chogu and inform the elders that she, Hon. Mariam Iddrisu has issued a directive for a fence wall be built around the toilet facility on the due date, the elders gathered at the premises only to be told it has been relocated to a different area for the sake of audit works. But on the contrary, this same MCE diverted a six unit classroom meant for Chogu Nuri-Islam to be built at Imaaniya E.A primary school. As at now the affected areas and elders are still angry and are at loggerheads with Hon. Mariam Iddrisu and they have vowed to pay back in due time”. He said

Mr. Bashiru revealed that, there is an ongoing toilets projects in the Municipality which have been given to contractors outside the Municipality to work on, “We just wake one day and saw some people putting up a foundation structure for a toilet facility in our area (Chogu) and when we find out it was revealed that, this project was coming from the Vice President office… 17 modern toilet facilities for the Sagnarigu Municipality but unfortunately none of these projects have been given to any youth group or any known contractor of the NPP…. We understand the workers on the projects came all the way from Wa. Is it that, we don’t have the people here to work on such projects?”. He queried

The Ghana First toilet project at foundation level in Choggu

The Liberal Chairman reiterated that, the party youth has licensed contractors, welders and other artisans who are capable of constructing those toilets facilities for the Municipality, adding that, Hon. Mariam failure to reward loyal and hardworking individuals within the Municipality is another factor. “Currently, there are series of construction works that are ongoing at the Municipal Assembly comprising of toilets, speed rumps and schools. But as we speak, we can’t boast of any known and loyal NPP activist who has been granted a single project. When was contacted, she said all the contracts were from the national level and she has no hands in who executes it”.

He said, the way and manner the MCE is treating members of the NPP especially the teeming youth in both the Tamale North and Sagnarigu constituencies will create doom for the party in 2020. “We are becoming very hopeless and useless”. he stressed

Meanwhile, Hon Iddrisu Mariam in her response reiterated that the ongoing toilet projects were part of the Ghana First Company Limited, a waste management company to build ultra-modern toilets facilities across the nation to boost sanitation.

She said, the contracts were not awarded by the district assembly but Ghana First Company Limited.

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