Sagnarigu MCE outfit attracts foreign investment Lansah Lolly:

The Municipal Chief Executive for Sagnarigu, Hon Iddrisu Mariam has been commended by putting Ghana at the world map with her Ghanaian outfit at the just ended 9th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The youngest Africa MCE from Ghana was the toss of the forum as she portrayed the beautiful Ghanaian textiles throughout the world’s largest Urban cities gathering. Many have not only admired her fluent and knowledge in governance and women development but also her Ghanaian garments, which she wore with so much flexibility and Ghanaian fashionistic style.

The Sagnarigu MCE who addressed several conferences at the forum became the shining example of Africa culture and beauty as women from other countries demanded for her beautiful Ghanaian outfit. Many business men and women at the forum have since started contacting businesses and people from Ghana for the Ghanaian fabrics.

As the world’s premier conference on cities, the World Urban Forum (WUF) is a non-legislative technical forum convened by UN-Habitat, held since 2002.

The theme for this year’s edition is Cities 2030, Cities for all: Implementing the New Urban Agenda, places the forum’s focus on the New Urban Agenda adopted at Habitat III as a tool and accelerator for achieving Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals.













In another commendation article, Dance Mainoo Ransford writes:

We in Ghana continue to dress in the traditional styles of our ancestors despite an abundance of Western influence. Most of our clothes are hand-tied, hand-woven and hand sewn by professional seamstress. As a result, many people wear clothing that is custom made to fit their unique shape.

Ghanaian clothing is usually made of sturdy fabrics that are rich in color and detail. Many outfit includes embroidery and beading. Women in Ghana are more prone to dressing in the more traditional styles of dress, whereas men can be seen wearing khaki slacks, jeans and suits more akin to Western fashion in Europe and the Americas. It will interest one to note that tourist are always expected to embrace Ghanaian fashions when visiting our country.

In her visit to Malaysia, all the outfits she wore depicted where she came from. For instance, the style of dress women in Ghana is fashionable and partial. There are about three types of traditional styles for women. A long dress, skirt and top set and wrap. All pieces are tailored by professional seamstress using brightly colored, hand-dryed fabrics often in ethnic prints. The long dress is usually worn during more formal occasions including parties and celebrations. The skirts and top set is a more casual outfit that is worn during the daytime on trips to market and around the house. The wrap is worn to cover up after swimming or showering. There are variations of the traditional long dress.

Throughout her visit as shown below Hon. Mariam Iddrisu appeared differently in terms of her dressing which allowed other country reps approached her with positive investment in her municipality which at the long run will create jobs for her people.

Wearing of our Ghanaian attires made the outside world value our creativity and lot of the people she met were potential business partners who promised visiting Sagnarigu municipality soon to assess the possibility of doing business in textiles industry.

Insha Allah, Sagnarigu municipality led by one of the youngest MCE in Africa will succeed. I pray for more guidance and protection as she stirs the municipality.



















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