SADA Is Focused and Would Not Be Distracted- Mr Sam Danse

The Savana Accelerated Development Authority has reiterated its commitment to accelerate the development of regions in its ecological zone through well-structured and carefully implemented plans and policies.

SADA was established by an Act of Parliament the SADA Act 805 on 17 September 2010 with its first Chief Executive Officer appointed in October 2011. The work and mandate of the Authority was stifled following revelations of financial malfeasance and misappropriation. The situation led to the dissolution of its board and management with a new management taking over.

The situation often referred to as “the sad SADA saga” to some extent has eroded public confidence in the prospects of the Authority and its associated benefits to the north.

But speaking at a sensitization and information sharing session in Bolgatanga organized by civil society organizations in the SADA ecological zone on Tuesday, Director of Corporate Affairs and Administration at SADA, Mr. Sam Salifu Danse said the new board and management of SADA is fully reinvigorated and committed to delivering to full extent the mandate of the Authority. He charged all well-meaning individuals to eschew negative thoughts spanning from the previous issues of SADA and called on all to be positive about the future of the organization.

According to him, Agriculture is the trigger that would propel the development of the north considering the available resources in the ecological zone which can be explored and hence SADA’s decision to prioritize agriculture in its three thematic areas which include infrastructure and investment opportunities.

“SADA had challenges and does not mean it can’t survive. If the state wants to pursue people who did wrong and their actions affected SADA then they can be pursued as individuals. Now, we are focused and don’t want to be distracted, “he said.

He further warned against the politicization of SADA and called for a nationalistic view of the Authority and that would positively affect the re-branding process.

“Let’s look at SADA with a nationalistic character. We intend positioning it such that any government that comes and goes, would not obstruct the works and focus of SADA. We have to dream big and we can achieve it.”

Districts and Municipalities in the Upper East region have been profiled with highlights on the investment opportunities available in the various districts so as to help promote such investment opportunities through activities of SADA.

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