Radio Station creates confusion over Bolewura’s burial service

Source:   Lansah Al-Hassan Musah

The announcement of the death of the paramount chief of Bole traditional area Awuladese Pontonprom II by a local radio station in Bole has almost mar the burial services of the late chief.

The Bolewura joined his ancestors on Tuesday after battling with illness at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra.

On Wednesday, the Secreatry to the late chief, Mr. Bakari Iddiaah Jomo went to the radio staion Nkilgi FM and announced the demised of the chief which resulted some misunderstanding among elders in the traditional area.

Confusion erupts at the burial grounds when elders of the community refuse to proceed with the burial services of the late chief until the glitch at a radio station announcement was resolve traditionally.

According to the traditions of the area, some rites including the firing of a gun and the traditional drum must be done before announcing the death of the chief by the elders of the area.

The announcement by the Bole based radio station Nkilgi FM landed the secretary to the late chief, Mr. Bakari Iddiaah Jomo in trouble as he was fined by the elders of the family before rites leading to the burial service could proceed.

However, Mr. Bakari according to our sources was pushed by operators of Nkilgi FM to make the announcement on their network against the laid down tradition in the area.

The secretary was therefore asked to pay a fine of a ram and some fowls to pacify the gods before the burial could take place.

After the payment of the fine, the elders allowed for the rites to proceed and late chief was finally laid to rest.

The late Bolewura, Awuladese Pontonprom II was enskinned in 2013 and reign until his death, he was 88 years.


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