Peter Maxwell goes to court on Valentine’s Day Hamza Lansah Lolly:

Maxwell Atugba Abayeta Hasan popularly known as Peter Maxwell will appear before the Human Right court in Accra, on Valentine’s Day 14th   February 2019.

Mr. Peter Maxwell and one Babatunde Martins (a Nigerian) has been held since 26th November 2017 for allegedly defrauding an America company of thousands of US dollars.

After so many adjournments of the case, Babatunde Martins and Peter Maxwell were supposed to re-appear before the Human Rights courts (2 and 1) in Accra on 17th and 25th January 2019 respectively but the Judge on the case went on leave.

In consequence, Thursday 14th of February 2019 (valentine’s day) has been re-scheduled for Mr. Peter Maxwell to appear before the Human Rights court to fight for his bail process and extradition, however, cannot confirmed that of Mr. Babatunde Martins as it was gathered that he will appear before the Human Right court 2 before Maxwell’s valentine’s day appearance.

The story so far:

On the 26th NOVEMBER, 2017, The American F.B.I Accompanied by EOCO / Ghana Police Officers in a commando style raided Maxwell Peter residence in Tamale to arrest him. Ghana is supposed to be a sovereign state isn’t it?

Maxwell Peter was covertly brought to Accra by road after he was sprung from police custody the day he was arrested.
On Monday 4th December, he was arraigned at Accra High Court Financial Court 2 with one Babatunde Martins, a Man Maxwell has never met or interacted with in his life.

Maxwell & Co were charged for fraud and other related crimes reportedly to have been committed on soil of USA in conjunction with some American citizens. The prosecution wanted them extradited even without a deposition then.

The Accra High Court discharged the accused persons on ground of lack of jurisdiction. They were re-arrested at the court and detained in EOCO custody cells. The following day the 5th December 2017. EOCO re-arranged both accused persons at district Court 5, Accra on fraud charges of $10million and extradition.

The EOCO asked for two weeks adjournment claiming investigation still on going. Their request was granted. They returned to same court on the 19th December. Where lawyers for both Maxwell and Babatunde challenge the Court’s lack of jurisdiction. The presiding Magistrate agreed and discharge both accused persons.

Again EOCO re-arrested both accused persons and detained them in cells. Both accused persons challenged their continued detention at Accra human rights court.

On January 17th 2018, Maxwell was granted bail but Babatunde was discharged and he went home.

In the ruling of the High Court Judge Justice Iddrisu, ruled extradition out of Maxwell’s case and said Maxwell should be returned back to Tamale and remain in a case EOCO charged him when he was first arrested and was taking to Tamale District Court.

The Bail Condition Human Rights Court granted him was Ghc200, 000 with two sureties. Maxwell Peter met the bail conditions two days later but EOCO refused to released him and rather mischievously arraigned him to again at district court 8, Accra on same old charges. Court 8 too eventually discharged Maxwell Peter but EOCO still held on to him.

Meanwhile, Babatunde was enjoying his freedom. On February however, both were re-arraigned at court 5, district court Accra but this time on $35.000 fraud and extradition. The magistrate granted them bail of Ghc800, 000.00 with two sureties each. Babatunde met the bail condition and was Free the next day whiles Maxwell remained behind.

In March 26th 2018. Maxwell was let go by EOCO after pressure from his lawyer.

On April 30th, 2018, Interpol came calling and re-arrested both men again and on the 8th of May were arraigned before an Adjaben district Court 2 on fraud charges of $500,000 and extradition. This time the attorney general has a deposition from USA authorities.

During hearing, it was clear and indisputable that both accused persons had never stepped their feet on America soil. Never been there. Yet, the Depositions referred to both men as FUGITIVE who escaped from USA. They presented no evidence other than an affidavit sworn to by an FBI Operative. In the motion both accused persons were detained as Osu police station without bail as the magistrate court considered them to be flight risks. They were at Osu police cells for six months three weeks when the magistrate eventually ruled on 13th November, 2018 that they should be handed over to America authority and until that is done, they should be locked up at Nsawam Prison.

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