The youth undoubtedly are the majority of our voting population. Admittedly, no party wins elections without the support of the youth. The NPP, my party, will go to polls to elect national executives this year, among other portfolios, the National Youth Organizer slot interests me so much. Obviously, for the reason I’m a youth and largely because I want NPP to retain power in 2020 with still overwhelming majority in parliament.


Many names have so far surfaced in the contest but one obviously would be chosen. As a party youth and a communicator, I have observed closely the potentials of these individuals relative to our operation retain power in 2020. I have thus come to conclusion that Alhassan A Ganiyu alias Ghandi is our ultimate choice to realising this agenda. Not to bore you with irrelevant expressions, bellow are the reasons I support Ghandi and solemnly wish you do so!

Undeniably, a youth leader must inspire with his own personality development and must have impacted society in times past. He must be the one whose life best fit in Bill Clinton’s words that “you don’t have to wait till your party’s in power to have an impact on life at home and around the world”. Ghandi has carved a niche for himself in the area of monumental impact on lives both within and in the diaspora. As the founder of Returnees Diaspora Integrated Development Organisation, he has helped tremendously in encouraging diaspora investment in Africa, championed the building of strong return migrant cooperative societies nationwide and has been a special party in combating child trafficking with special interest in rehabilitating victims and integrating them well in society. This, I believe, puts him well to lead the youth wing.

Humility is sine qua non to youth organisation. Ghandi is an epitome of humility and a paragon of magnanimity. He’s down to earth and relates well with people. Arrogance and pomposity are inconceivable about the personality of Ghandi. He’s affable and his arms are wide stretched to give than to receive. His humility has earned him the support of the North- he’s the candidate of the North!

A youth leader especially at national level must have enviable communication skills with calm composure. His demeanor must be positive and communicating. He must be someone whose words pierce the heart and give impression of morality. He mustn’t be vulgar in his words and should have no record of abusive language. Ghandi as a party communicator in the airwaves in Tamale has distinguished himself and has been a reference in decent political discourse. He defeats the opponent with intellect and always wears a calm composure. He’s media savvy with first degree in mass communication. Apparently, he’s an indispensable youth leader so far as retaining power in 2020 is concern and more importantly, a perfect continuum of Sammy Awuku’s tactful and excellent leadership, in government now.

Essentially, competence is none negotiable in this NYO contest. But then, a competent leader is not a master of all and a Jack of none. However, a competent leader defines his scope and gives his all for it. A competent leader does not position himself for a possible conflict of interest. For which reason, it would be suicidal to rest the affairs of the youth on individuals who have fully taken up government job since this potentiates mediocrity, inefficiency and corruption. This attitude at best is greed and the youth of NPP deserve a better leader than a precarious self seeking leader. Ghandi has deep compassion sandwiched in empathy and sympathy. He always wants to see every youth prosper. He’s too caring and would always be there for the youth!!

Finally, the job they say ‘dey ground’. Let’s consider the task ahead in making our choice of a leader. Let’s remember the change mantra we sung in opposition: incompetence, greed, mediocre…. Ghandi is the ultimate choice, collectively securing our future is the goal. Support vision, support humility, support the winning team! Ghandi for NYO, collectively we can!

Writer: Iddrisu Mohammed Tamimu
Communicator for NPP and a senior Nurse at TTH

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