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NPP Deputy Communications Director chastises Tamale North MP over ethnocentric comment Lansah Lolly:

The National Deputy Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party, Mr. Mohammed Haruna has chastised the Member of Parliament for Tamale North, Hon Alhassan Suhuyini for making ethnocentric comments in the media.

According to him, the resurfacing of the “vote for John Mahama because he is a northerner” statement by the Tamale North legislator is condemnable with no uncertainty terms by all and sundry especially people who valued peace.

Prior to the 2016 election, Mr. Alhassan Suhuyini, who was speaking to students of Northern School of Business (NOBISCO) in Tamale admonished electorates of the Northern Region, to vote massively for President John Dramani Mahama because he’s one of their own.

“When a Voltarian stood to be President the whole of Volta Region voted for him until he stopped being President. Jerry John Rawlings and when Ashanti man stood to be President the whole of Ashanti Region rallied behind him until he stopped to become President, President Kufour.”

“When Professor Atta Mills decided to run for President, the whole of central region, his home region, voted massively for him before he could win in 2008, and do you know the sad news? When John Mahama from the northern region decided to be President in 2012, the NDC in northern region lost 11 constituencies.”

“For the first time in the history of this country in the fourth Republic, we had a President who won to be President without the support of his home region.” He said

The Tamale North MP again recently said, northerners don’t love each other thus the reason the party lost 11 seats in the Northern Region.

But the NPP Deputy Communications Director addressing the media in Tamale noted that, the people of the Northern Region have no interest in ethnocentrism but massive development in their communities.

“He made a very dangerous comment, that one we can’t run away from it. But I thank the people of this country for being discerning, because he made this comment prior to the 2016 elections at NOBISCO. Lo and behold, the Ghanaian citizens gave them 44%, it means that they clearly rejected them and told them that we are no longer interested in ethnicity” He said

Mr. Haruna who also doubles as the Northern Regional Deputy Director of the Youth Employment Agency (YEA) reiterated that such comments from a politician was very dangerous to the development of the nation and was not the right comments to be made by such a person of his (Hon Alhassan Suhuyini) calibre.

“It is dangerous in the sense that ‘Northerners don’t like each other’. That is the summary of his case. Who told him that northerners don’t like each other? Does it mean that he doesn’t like his other colleague northerners in the NDC? Does it mean that he doesn’t even like his brothers in the Northern Region? Or he has some kind of northerners that he defines?” He asked.

The NPP Deputy Communications Director said if the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is willing to go the way of ethnocentrism then they members of the New Patriotic Party are not ready to travel down that road because they believe that the generality of Ghanaians and support of each person is more important than making ethnocentric comments.

“Ethnicity is not the way to go. The way to go is to choose leaders who will be able to serve the interest of this country, and if that is the way they want to go, we are not ready to join them in that particular enterprise because we believe that the generality of Ghanaians and the support of each and every person is more important than moving into ethnocentric comments, so we desist into moving into that” He said.

“The comments were talking about the personality of John Mahama. Is he the only person who is a northerner in that particular party? We have Hudu Yahaya, he was contesting for the position of the National Chairman of the party. Hudu Yahaya was made to step down by the same northern people. When mills came into power, he appointed the likes of Hon. Haruna Iddrisu to become ministers without a single demonstration. But when John Mahama became the president people had to demonstrate in this particular town for Hon. Haruna to be picked as a minister. Hon. Suhuyini and co should learn from this and learn politics and learn it very well”. He said.

Asking the difference between Mr. Suhuyini’s comments and that of a recent statement made by the Assin Central maverick legislator, Mr. Kennedy Agyapong asserting that politicians from the North are greedy and selfish, Mr. Haruna popularly known as Prof said, the comments made by Hon. Kennedy Agyapong was opinionative, but that of Hon. Suhuyini’s comments were purely ethnocentric and a great hindrance towards national development.

“Mr. Kennedy was expressing his opinion and he is entitled to his own opinion”.

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