Our (savannanews24) attention has been drawn to a press statement issued by the Northern Young Patriots in relation to the happenings at the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH), dated 19th March 2017.

The savannanews24 as a news website based in the North have so much interest in the affairs of the Tamale Teaching Hospital, which is the only referral hospital in the SADA Zone.

We (savannanews24) have done some investigations about the hospital and have made publications in that regards and even from a different news source.

It is therefore not out of place to enter into the fray with the press statement of the Northern Young Patriots through our editorial.

In fact we (savannanews24) deem it very necessary for a healthy discourse in this editorial as we try to query for a holistic response.

We (savannanews24) have been monitoring events of the TTH especially the latest press release by the Northern Young Patriots which to a large extent is a ‘biding adventure’ for somebody to become the CEO of the hospital.

Of course biding is part of the game and we (savannanews24) will not begrudge anyone who wants to bid for his favorite person to become the CEO of the hospital but however, the process of biding should be fair and not to be seen as vindictive.

Our (savannanews24) problem is; ‘Why did the Northern Young Patriots single-out one person in the story of a “Trinity”? ‘What is their motive?

The press statement which was entitled “Statement on the Continuous stay in office of the “Trinity” of TTH” lacks merit and must be ignored by all and sundry.

First of all, this is the second press statement issued by the Northern Young Patriots aimed at destroying the hard won reputation of one individual at the TTH in the name of a “Trinity” story. The Director of Pharmacy, Mr. Hamidu Abdullai, whose selfless, committed and dedicated services at the facility cannot be overemphasized, according to findings.

The Northern Young Patriots in their latest press release in single-out Mr. Hamidu Abdullai in a story of a “Trinity” have tried very hard just like in their earlier press release to include him (Mr. Hamidu Abdullai) in the mess at the TTH at all cost.

The Northern Youth Patriots have not been able state the mess created by Mr. Hamidu except to say that “His dealings have been very bad.” Mr. Hamid and his HASKEY Company are currently going through some investigations by EOCO”.

The release has also failed to state the dealing in which Mr. Hamidu Abdullai is involved in and how bad is this deal.

Again, Mr. Hamidu and his Company (HASKY) is not under any investigation by EOCO and in any case, been investigated does not mean one is in trouble with the law. Does it?

Unfortunately, the Northern Young Patriots have also failed to put in a document they claimed was intercepted from Mr. Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, the Editor in-chief of The New Crusade Guide.

“It seems a lot of effort is being made by one of the “trinity”, Mr. Hamid Abdullai to exclude himself from the rot but the evidence we have and continue to intercept (salutation to the great Abdul-Malik Kweku Baako) indicate he is the worst among the bad”. Northern Young Patriots state in their release

Meanwhile, our checks have revealed that, Mr. Abdul Malik Kweku Baako have never met any executive of the Northern Young Patriots thus one may ask the motive behind this malicious press statement.

Earlier reports of an expired drugs at the TTH was also attributed to Mr. Hamidu Abdullai but its turns out to be a hoax, according to our investigations supported by Food and Drugs Authority.

Therefore, the press statement of the Northern Young Patriots for wanting of a better word is distasteful, vindictive and lacks merits for any serious engagement.

The rot at the TTH calls for holistic and collective approach of all and sundry including the Northern Young Patriots whose latest statement has turgid their earlier strong desire to see the TTH transformed for the betterment of all.

The Northern Young Patriots instead of telling the people of the North, the state of the TTH are rather playing political gymnastics with the issues focusing on a so-called “Trinity” of the TTH, even by doing so have targeted one person of their so-called “Trinity” of the hospital.

Our brothers (Northern Young Patriots) mentioned The CEO, the Administrator and Pharmacy Director as the so-called “Trinity” of TTH but unfortunately exclude the Medical Director, who plays a major role in that establishment.

The role of a Medical Director is very essential in every health care delivery set-up and in fact there can never be a hospital without a Medical Director and even in the absence of a CEO, the Medical Director is in-charge.

Again, the position of a Medical Director is very vital in delivery quality health care, the Medical Director holds the senior medical administrative position at the facility.

He is responsible for a number of activities related to the delivery of medical care and clinical services such as cost management, utilization review, quality assurance, and medical protocol development.

Why did the Medical Director excluded in the mess of the TTH? Was he working in isolation or there is no Medical Director at the TTH? An over-sight? What is the motive of singling-out one person to rundown, who does not even have the power of management? Have any money really change hands?  Northern Young Patriots Bon la?,

Yes, we (savannanews24) agree with the Northern Young Patriots that Dr. Prosper Akambong will have to make way for another person to clean the mess at the Tamale Teaching Hospital (TTH).

Though the problems of the TTH were not created by Dr. Akambong however, everything has gone from bad to worse since he became the CEO of the hospital.

Dr. Akambong has virtually failed in his duty to ensure the safety of patients and smooth functioning of the hospital. He has not been able to address the basic issues of the hospital thus the pandemonium at the TTH.

Even his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer of the TTH was a problematic. Though Dr. Akambong served as the Medical Director and later acted as CEO following the retirement of Dr. Ken Sagoe, he was planted and hand-picked because of his affiliation with the NDC government.

The questions we should be asking ourselves is; “Why did Dr. Akambong not perform? “What made him not to perform? “Are there saboteurs of the hospital? “What about his political masters? Was he given free hands to work without the interference of politicians and our chiefs?

The problems of the hospital even when it was a regional hospital still exist today, the issues of water, electricity, oxygen gas and other essential services are still lacking, though the hospital as a teaching hospital has generated thousands of Ghana cedis daily.

The Tamale Teaching Hospital has good prospects but it is in serious crisis. In fact it is a mess that ought to be cleansed.

We (savannanews24) therefore support the calls by many well-meaning individuals and groups including the Northern Youth Patriots for a competent Chief Executive Officer for the TTH.

In furtherance, the press release by the Northern Young Patriots was sought to destroy a reputation of a young hardworking gentleman, Mr. Hamidu Adbullai, (Director of Pharmacy) who have worked so hard and diligently to transform the pharmacy department of the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

Our investigations have revealed that, the pharmacy department of the TTH has not received any major boost until Mr. Hamidu Abdullai took over as the Director of Pharmacy last year June after an excellent acting capacity.

The pharmacy department which uses to run a 8 hours services is now running a 24 hour dispersing medical services to clients of the hospital.

Mr. Hamidu Abdullai has also transformed the pharmacy shops and created other satellite pharmacies at the hospital, including the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the Surgical Theater and among others.

The innovation was to provide quicker and accessible dispensing medical services to clients at the hospital. This has actually eased the burden of patients in accessing prescribed medications at the pharmacies and long queues at the pharmacies are now a thing of the past.

The pharmacy stores have also received some boost as almost all the essential drugs are in stock and in good condition.

So if these are not innovations at the TTH by Mr. Hamidu Abdullai then what can we called it?.

If a “bad man” can transform the pharmacy department to the admiration of all then he is very good bad man.

We (savannanews24) will like to entreat the Northern Young Patriots and other groups who are interested in the welfare of the Tamale Teaching Hospital to limit the personal attacks and vilification of individuals but rather focus on the substance for a better TTH.

The issues of the TTH have been politicized and it is therefore behoove on us to see the problems as humanitarian crisis and address the issues dispassionately devoid of politics, religious, chieftaincy or tribe.

We (savannanews24) can all make the Tamale Teaching Hospital succeed regardless who manages the facility.

Change has come indeed and the Tamale Teaching Hospital must be part of the change.

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