Muslim Leaders commends Northern Regional Minister….over peaceful Ramadan sermons Lansah Lolly

Muslim Clerics in the Northern Region have unanimously commended the Northern Regional Minister, Hon Salifu Saeed for initiating a move to curtail the perennial violence clashes between Muslim sects during Ramadan.

Over a decade now, preaching (Tafsir) during Ramadan from various Imams and Sheikhs have always been characterized with verbal attacks and violence conflicts in the region.

The disagreements have always been between the Al Tijaniya Muslim sect and the Ambariya Sunni community but now have loomed all the various Islamic sects including, the Shi’a, Al-Tijaniya, Sunni, Tabliq, Al Sunna Wal jamat into state of confusion for battle of supremacy that brews intense tension during the Ramadan.

Leaders from the various Muslim sects craftily uses their sermons on the radio and at Mosques during Ramadan to launch verbal attacks and character assassinations on their colleagues’ leaders.

The spiritual leader for the Salawatia Community, an Al Tijaniya group, Sheikh Imam Rashid Salawatia Qutubu Alzamani have to flee to Accra after a clashed between his people and the Ambariya Sunni Community some years ago. Sheikh Imam Rashid Salawatia has since been preaching in Accra to avoid another clash in Tamale.  Many renowned Muslim scholars have also either refused to organize Ramadan sermons (Tafsir) or relocate to the other areas to preach due to the sensitivity and intense violence that characterizes Tafsir in the region especially in the Tamale metropolis.

Violence erupted early this year between two Sunni sects, the Al-Sunna Wal Jama led by Sheikh Bayan Ibrahim Basha and the Ambariya Sunni Community led by Sheikh Saeed Abubakari Zakaria that nearly mar the peace in the Northern Region.

Some people were attack including some attacks on some radio stations in the region. But for the timely intervention of the security agencies authorize by the Northern Regional Security Council (REGSEC) led by the Northern Regional Minister, Hon Salifu Saeed the situation will have turn bloody as supporters of both groups threatens to kill and burn each other mosques.

The Northern Regional Minister after a broad consultation with leaders of the various Muslim sects initiated a Muslim-peace-resolution committee to monitor and foster unity among the Muslim Clerics especially during this year’s Ramadan.  The committee duty was also to regulate and monitor sermons on the media to ensure sanity on the airwaves.

The Muslim Leaders commended the Minister when he accompanied H.E. the Vice President Dr. Alhaji Mahamudu Bawumia to various Mosques as part of his Ramadan tour in the region.

The Leader of the Ambariya Sunni community, Sheikh Saeed Abubakari Zakaria describes the Northern Regional Minister as a man of peace who have worked tirelessly in ensuring that the verbal attacks between Imams during Ramadan sermons has stop, adding that, leaders various Muslim sects have enjoyed and respected the engagement process initiated by Hon Salifu Saeed.

He prayed for the Minister and urged him to continue working hard for the people in the region.

Another Muslim scholar, said “I have not witness any insult or attack on any of our leaders on our airwaves this Ramadan all because of the good works of the Regional Minister. For over ten years now… this is the only Ramadan that we did not see Mallams attacking each other on their sermons… We did not only had a successful Ramadan but a peaceful one….Masha Allah”.

The Northern Regional Chief Imam, Sheikh Abdul Salam Ahmed at the Central Mosque also commended and thanked the Northern Regional Minister, Hon Salifu Saeed for engaging Muslim leaders from all the sects for a peaceful Ramadan sermons (Tafsir).

Sheikh Abdul Salam reiterated that, the Minister has really shown political maturity in handling some of the religious violence that normally associated with sermons (Tafsir) during Ramadan.

The Chief Imam admonished all Muslim leaders to be each other keepers and advances the teachings of the Holy Quran to bring about peace and prosperity in the region.

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