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The Savanna Travels……
Of Northerners and bridging the gap…..

I have for several years heard various comments from people of northern extraction to the fact that we need to bridge the gap between the north and the south. Those who are most voiceferous are our politicians who will always tell us how much they care about ensuring that we catch up with the rest of the country in terms of development.

They make very interesting comments ranging from how they intend to make resources available for the accelerated development of the north to how far advanced plans are to implement projects..

However the question lingering on the minds of many people from this geographical area is,” have we achieved our goals as a people?”.

One thing I know we have been able to do is to elevate the status of a lot of those who put themselves up to lead the said aim to bridge the gap between the north and the south. People who could not afford to purchase bicycles have suddenly found the where withal to purchase landcruisers and other vehicles for their families and also used less than a year to build houses.

Though there are a few who genuinely are interested in helping develop the area, others are just an apology to the people and need to desist from using the people to enrich themselves .

I have listened to countless speeches on the need to push us to bridge the gap but the question is how serious are we with this agenda.

Non-governmental Organizations have come and gone and though some genuinely wanna see a change in the status of three regions of the north , others just want to use the north as a conduit to cheat their way to riches.

What our advocates must remember is that development cannot occur if people are made to be dependent on others for survival. We spend a lot of time helping impoverish the people by giving them handouts instead of making them self-reliant.

People of northern extraction were put in charge of a program to alleviate poverty on the area but what they could do was to use their position to fleece the poor people.

“Our Problem”

Our major challenge is unnecessary politicization of everything in our area. I feel sad when I hear or read people defend others for a disservice done us not because they are right but just because he or she belongs to the same political party. People defended the nonsense at SADA not because they genuinely wanted to defend them but because those people thought condemnation will go against their political party( some wiered thinking).

Another challenge is too much ethnocentrism. How on earth will people be there and think that the only place fit to benefit from projects is their homeland and not the we should see an even spread of such projects. Even issues of employment see a play of ethnicity and this has seen essential human resources moving down south to add to the already congested pool of human resource there.
How can you develop with this attitude?

It common to find wealthy people from this area decide to invest in businesses down south and also build beautiful houses in Accra and Kumasi. Is it not ironical that someone whose house down south is equivalent to a hotel comes home and sleeps in a hotel?
I am however consoled that some people have set the pace now to put up accommodation befitting their status back home but we need more of those back home. I will use this space to applaud the owner of Loydeville Hotel( Jirapa Dubai)for his initiative and a host of others for their foresight. Posterity will judge you guys .

Everyone knows that the main stay of the people here is agriculture but are we investing enough in that regard? How is the road network in our major food baskets such Wa East, Gushegu and a host of other places? We must as a matter of urgency invest in agriculture in the north ……Sources of water is very important….that is why the dam project of this government must be implemented properly.

I have loads to write but I will pause here and continue next week…..cheers…….adios amigos…..

By Lansah Musah(EIB Network)


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