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Limited Registration: NPP raises red flag over minors

Source:savannanews24.com/Hamza Lansah Lolly:

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) have observed with dismay the number of minors who have gone into the voters register.

According to the NPP Director of Research and Elections, Mr. Evans Nimako, the party within the remit of the electoral law of the country will challenge any minor on the register.

The NPP also suspected double registration in most of the centers.

Mr. Nimako who tours the Northern, North-East and Savannah Regions to monitor the just-ended limited voters registration process, hinted that, during their rounds in some of the centers minors were queue to get their names on the register.

“This is an opportunity for few elderly ones who by one way or the other couldn’t register when the opportunity came, also people who have attained 18yrs and above but yet you go round and see that a lot of minors are on queue getting their names on the register but unfortunately thing is that the EC doesn’t have the capacity to challenge such people”. He noted

The NPP Director of Research and Elections said, the party will go through the review process and all those who have been identified minors will be challenge, “The party would challenge this to the latter”.

Mr. Nimako puts the blamed on parents for allowing their underage children to register, “the young ones are not aware of the ramifications of what they are doing…so I blame parents”..

He noted that, minors who gets their names on the register will find problems when they register with the NIA, “… it this era of ICT were we employ so much look at what is happening the NIA system where biometric features of individuals are taken and we have children and minors who are pretending to be 18 years the next moment when the NIA system also captured them what we be their proper age and they have the future to protect”.

Mr. Nimako was speaking to journalists after monitoring some registrations centers in Tamale Metropolis, said called on other stakeholders including the political parties to challenge minors on the register to save the country’s future.

The National 1st Vice Chairperson of the NPP, Madam Rita Asobayire commended political parties for the cordiality and respect for one another in the centers. saying that, all the places they have visited, the relationship between political parties especially the two major parties, the NPP and the NDC have been encouraging. “This means that our democracy is striving, we are beginning to see each other as one with common interest”.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission (EC) within the Tamale Metropolis alone have captured over 20,000 new registrants.

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