Our spotlight today is on one of the groundbreaking and industrious female lone ranger in northern Showbiz.

Married to an illustrious son of Dagbon Mr. Sumaila Tungteeya (Chairman Shy), she goes by the name Sumaila Mariam. But known in media circles as Princess Marisky. Her achievements so far seeming all the more impressive, given the perception that has engulfed women in modern day strides; where fashion, trends and politics can be altered with a hashtag as quickly as a heartbeat.

Finding timeless inspiration
can sometimes seem like an impossible task, and It’s for this particular reason the lady in question is worth celebrating for being domineering and relevant now as they(females) ever were in the past in our part of the country.

Marisky has acquired some degree of experience in event organisations, the reason she now chooses to work with a team that makes
the planning process of events fun and relaxed. She in consultation with her team does the planning,
budgeting and coordinating so that people gets to focus on the exciting parts of organizing events. Her job is to make sure that the event organization and entire planning experience is
stress-free and devoid of higledy pigledy, as she isn’t ready to see anything mar the success of her projects. Princess Marisky have planned, coordinated and organized several events, Non was without an iota of fault but each was different and beautiful in its own way.

Throughout history, women collectively have fought
courageously and tirelessly to assert themselves as individuals and experts in their various fields of endeavour, something most men have had the luxury
of taking for granted. It is practically impossible to see any human endeavour that has no lady inclusion, even though the numbers are still meagre as compared to their male counterparts. Female groundbreaking designers, space explorers, political activists, feminists, artists and leaders all share in common, passion and drive for excellence.
They are all warriors and continue to inspire modern generations.
Eleanor Roosevelt once challenged us all to ‘do one thing every day that scares you’ Princess Marisky is just a selection of one headstrong woman
who echoed that call to arms and did just that within the domain of Northern showbiz, amidst challenges of overstretched battling of gender inequality in an industry that still misrepresents women. She is a personification of the word darring.
She is one of the first known female entertainment entrepreneurs in our part of the country. Born into a
privileged Dagbong family, it required more than a greater zeal and courage to pursue her dreams in this field, but she chose never to relent on her vision until her good becomes better and her better becomes best. It has been a rough and slippery road for her, but her passion for transforming lives through entertainment has endeared her to cling on. Much of Princess Marisky’s other social engagements relative to event organization has
been lost but her immense reputation has remained.
It seems apparently weird and almost unfitting, that a
woman has come to rub shoulders with men in event organization and artists management in an industry vastly commanded by men. In princess Marisky’s own humble words, ‘she has done little’. But in actuality, her little is infinitely enough: She has duly picked up the pace and given majority of her Co-event organizers a rip roaring competition. And hitting her subtle stride with the management of the fastest rising star of the North ISRAHIM.

Princess Marisky’s maiden works was the discovery and management of a singer named SHARP DEE. Experience from that paved way for the discovery and management of arguably the most promising act of North today; ISRAHIM (The Rising Star).

Her outfit has fought tooth and nail for the increase in recognition of Israhim’s music brand. Under her management, Israhim has carved for himself great collaborations with music gurus of Northern origin, such as Samini, Sherifatu Gunu, Fancy Gadam, Ataaka and many others. Marisky entertainment also organised a successful lunch of Israhim’s album at Radarch Conference Centre, which became the buzz of town.

But before the airwaves could turn down the volume of reviewing Israhim’s album launch Marisky entertainment stormed us again with another explosive project dubbed ‘Nlaa laa tour’ where Israhim reteamed with Princess Marisky to tour some places in northern GH including Bimbillah, Kumbungu, Gushegu, Savelugu among others.

She isn’t there yet, however, her most recent involvement in artists management is revelatory for the time being, and all seem bright going in to the future. She is an inspiration to most northern ladies today who once doubted their ability to overcome fears and arrest their dreams. In the words of Aristotle “if you feel you are too small to make an impact then you haven’t slept in a room with a mosquito” The moment you tell yourself I can’t, you have instantly slammed the door of success against your own vision. Keep pushing, as the maxim goes ‘quitters never win and winners never quit’.

This belief is the reason Marisky kept pushing to make a difference in the lives of many.
In another news, Marisky entertainment in collaboration with Discovery Hotel is set to come your way with yet another exclusive event dubbed, Miss Sallah pool party 2017. The first of its kind to hit the North; an event which is currently the most trending and highly anticipated event of the moment.

Participants and winners stand the chance of winning mouthwatering prizes. Slated to happen on the Sallah day at discovery hotel, the event is designed to release the boredom of where to relieve oneself of stress, after eating all the sumptuous meals prepared on Sallah day.

The rate is cool Ghc10 and expected to commence at 8pm that night till you drop, This all night celebration is expected to feature performances of marisky Entertainment’s own Music idol, Israhim.

If you don’t marvel when he sings he surely would mesmerize you with his skillful dance moves. Equally billed to perform on that night, is one of an all time versatile artiste of North, the ‘DIN TAHLI’ hitmaker BAWLEE (MIRA 99) aka Yelima’) Kpema lana. His stage craft is one that leaves you on a standing ovation.

It promises to be a night of fun, excitement and intriguing experience like never before. Keep monitoring this space for updates on the Miss Sallah 2017 event. By: DADINKAI MOHAMMED TAWFIQ (👑 KING BRAINS) Contact: 0242711108. Email: Twitter: KINGRAINS123

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