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Kelvin Taylor lied, Chairman Samba is not Sav-Link CEO

Source:savannanews24.com:Hamza Lansah Lolly:

Investigations carried by the savannanews24.com on the alleged 2 million Ghana cedis scandal at the Northern Development Authority (NDA) by Mr. Kevil Ekwo Taylor reveals that, the so-called purported scandal at NDA/SADA is a palpable lie that sought to tarnish the image of his political opponents.

Mr. Kevil Taylor a known attacker of the NPP government in his youtube channel show dubbed “With Due Respect” mentioned the Northern Regional Chairman of NPP, Mr. Mohamed Baantimah Adam Samba and the Northern Regional Minister, Hon Salifu Saeed of being behind the scandal.

Mr. Taylor in the show categorically stated that, Mr. Adam Samba owns the company, named; Sav-Link that took away 400 tricycles in a Ten Forty -foot containers at the NDA office, according to him, Mr. Samba went to the NDA office and picked the 10 containers. But our investigations revealed that Mr. Adam Samba never owns a company called Sav- Link Company.

Kelvin Taylor basing his facts on a letter written by the former NDA CEO, Dr. Abdul Majeed Haroon said the Sav-Link company belongs to the NPP Northern regional Chairman, Mr Adam Samba went the NDA/SADA premises and took away 400 tricycles.

″Remember I said that, Sav-Link belongs to NPP Northern Regional Chairman, his name is Samba, so in the letter he (Dr Abdul Majeed Haroon) said that, Commander this is to formerly report that the Sav-Link Company entered NDA premises and taken away without our authorization… so from this statement NDA former boss knew that the NPP Regional Chairman Samba who owns Sav-Link Company came there to take the 400 tricycles… he knows because he said it here….and he confidently stated it here…this is confirmation that the former NDA boss …former SADA boss  knew that the NPP Regional Chairman Samba who owns Sav-Link came in and took away 40 tricycles… he took 10 containers …forty-foot containers each containing 40 tricycles….″ He said on the show

Mr. Kelvin Taylor in his rants further reiterated that, NDA had allocated 200 tricycles to Mr. Adam Samba and queried whether the 200 tricycles have been paid for. ″…the number approved allocation to Sav-Link is 200 so he is confirming here that NPP Regional Chairman they were suppose to give him 200 tricycles …now we don’t even know if he had paid for them or not…″

Facts of the matter:

The waybill

We have gathered through our investigations that, the Sav-Link Company Limited does not belong to the Northern Regional Chairman. Mr Adam Samba and in fact have no links with the company.

The Sav-Link Company Limited is registered at the Registrar General′s Department incorporated under the Companies ct, 1963 (Act 179) and that the liability of its members is limited. The company was duly registered on 22nd May 2017 and given a certificate to commence business on the same date with registration number CS148262017.

The Sav-Link Company belongs to a group of young business people who entered into agreement with the then SADA to distribute motorbikes and tricycles which was procured by the defunct Unik Savannah Limited. The led person on the group is one Abdul Samed Ziblim and other eight partners.

Thus, the claims  by Mr Taylor that, the Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP, Mr. Adam Samba owns Sav-Link Company Limited is false. Again, the alleged picking of the Ten-Foot container by the Sav-Link without authorization is also not true, as savannanews24.com had in possession of the waybill dated on 26th October 2019 from SADA/NDA singed by the store-keeper of SADA, Salifu A Mashud and Abdul Samed Ziblim Sav-Link Company Limited. One full container with serial No.FSCU 657202-3 was taken on the 26th October 2019 and rest of the nine containers were picked on the 27th October 2019 with waybills duly signed by both parties.

Savannanews24.com have also sighted a letter signed by the former CEO of SADA, Mr. Charles Bugri to allocate 1,129 out of the 2,825 unsold tricycles to Sav-Link Company Limited, a regional allocation for the then Northern Region (inclusion of Savannah and North-East) regions but when SADA was re-branded to NDA and a new CEO, Dr. Abdul Majeed Haroon was appointed and a subsequent establishment of a Board, a decision was taken to redistribute into three allocations because of the regional separation thus the Northern Region was allocated 400 tricycles.

It was established that, the Sav-Link Company Limited won the bid to distribute the 1,129 tricycles.

Unik Savannah Limited was a joint venture company established through Memorandum of Understanding between SADA and its partners, Unik Dezines and Jialing Motor Company Limited of Ghana. Unik Savannah as a joint venture company started operations in Tamale. The focus of the company was to procure, assemble and distribute light machines such as tricycles and two-wheeler motor products, namely tricycles and motorcycles, ith he intention of expanding to a wide range of products including small motorized farm equipment and other low cost inputs that will support economic activities of the population within the Northern Savannah Ecological Zone (NSEZ). Unik Savannanh Limited procured 5,000 units of tricycles and 1,000 units of 2-wheeler motor cycles for assembling and sale in the Northern Savannah Ecological Zone as indicated in their purpose of establishment above. This was done through SADA facilitation including obtaining letters of credit from its Bankers to facilitate the release of the motorized tricycles and their eventual shipment to Ghana for the company to start operations. In December 2015, six months into the operations of the company, SADA halted the activities of the company due to alleged fraudulent and suspected criminal activities.

The savannanews24 has gathered that, apart from the five thousand (5000) tricycles, eight hundred (800) Gacela Mapouka Motorbikes and four hundred and eighty (480) Gacela Crash helmets were imported from China by Unik Savannah. Meanwhile, another 200 Gacela Kombian motor cycles and the total crash helmets imported from China document are still missing.

Out of the five thousand (5000) tricycles imported, two thousand, one hundred and seventy-one (2,171) were sold, however, over 96% of debt are yet to be recover by SADA under erstwhile NDC governmen. An amount of GHc32 million are currently in the hands individuals, politicians and private companies.  The Savannah Accelerated Development Authority invested some $9.5 million to procure tricycles

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