Salman Kadiago writes: Big Dagbon ‘tree’ has fallen


The sad news last night in Dagbon, was the passing of Hon. Abukari Sumani, former MP for the North Constituency. He was called to glory by his Maker and we must confess; whether NPP or NDC, CPP or PNC, Abudu or Andani or whatever, we are all bereaved for that painful separation and gap that has been created.

If I may ask; each time high profile personality especially politician falls or (dies), does any of the living politicians in the Dagbon traditional area sit to ponder the day they will also be exiting? If no, then the fall of Hon. Abukari Sumani last night should be an eye opener to the bad ones who are holding political power and their main agenda is to terrorize others.

Historically, we have been told how some falling heroes such as late; Alhaji Yahya Iddi, Alhaji Salifu COP, Alhaji Suman-Zolkugli, Alhaji Mustapha Ali, Alhaji Aliu Mahama just to mention but few, led exemplary lives before they were called to glory. The above names I mentioned were men of substance who were doing politics of credibility. They couldn’t have afford to throw away what bonded us together in Dagbon and run after what was to separate us.

Some readers my think I am seeking to play politics over the death of Hon. Abukari Sumani (hell no!). The reality is; some people are suddenly carried away as soon as political power is vested on them, let’s not be carried away because of political powers vested on us. It is a gift of Allah and He gives it to whom He wills.

In fact, Dagbon would have been the beacon of hope and a shining example for others to emulate if it’s bad some sons and daughters didn’t use political powers to do the unthinkable. Realistically, if people who had the chance to serve in this part of our country politically, had thrown away their individual sentiments and rather did what was required of them as honourable men and women, Dagbon would have become the talk of day for good reasons!

By the way, we are still on track and all hopes are still not lost! Insha’Allah, since the T’s and I’s have been dotted again, we surely back on track and the job will be done.

May Hon. Abukari Sumani find peace. May his death be blessing to himself, the family he left behind and blessing to Dagbon at large.

By: Kadiago Salman
(Cyber Journalist)

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