I’m worried about over spiritualisation in Ghana – Rev. Asante

The immediate past Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Ghana says Ghanaians are increasingly being overly spiritual.

Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante said people are gradually shirking their responsibility of finding practical answers and solutions to issues and attributing every happening in their lives to spiritualism.

He was speaking on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on the increasing spiritualization of Ghanaians.

“Inasmuch as, as a religious person I do believe that we should not draw a clear distinction between the circular and the spiritual, we also have to be very careful that we do not over-spiritualise everything,” he said.

Rev. Prof. Asante who is also the Chairman of the National Peace Council said too much spiritualization “stops us from doing proper investigations” into issues.

“As soon as something terrible happens, instead of us investigating – finding out what might have been the cause and therefore trying to find a solution – we go for the cheap way, spiritual, and that mitigates any attempt to do serious investigations to try to find what is the actual cause of an event,” he stressed.

“What happens is that we try to invoke an agent for our own misdoing and usually we do these things when we refuse to accept responsibility for our own failures…so everything is short-circuited,” he explained.

He said when Jesus Christ exorcised people who were considered to be possessed, he did not torture them – he did it out of compassion.

“Unfortunately for us today, we accuse people of being witches; of being demon-possessed and we harass them; we torture them which is completely at variance with what Jesus Christ taught us to do,” he regretted.

Rev. Asante said even if people are found to be demon-possessed, they should be shown compassion and love, and not tortured, disgraced and their self-worth destroyed “which is what seems to be going on these days and it is unchristian.”

There are Ghanaians, he said, who are so obsessed with spirituality that they see demons in the money they handle, in the food they eat; in their marriages; and their children.

According to him, it has become so absurd that people go to religious leaders for counseling and expect to be told of demons and spiritual attacks.

He said Christians must study their Bible very well and realize that there are charlatans who will use fake spirituality to deceive and enslave them.


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