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I will make Tamale an entertainment hub in Ghana- Dema Naa

Source:Savannanews24.com/Hamza Lansah Lolly:

The newly enskinned entertainment chief of Tamale, Dema Naa Adam Musah has reiterated that, he will make the Tamale metropolis an entertainment hub in Ghana to promote the rich cultural diversity of the Northern Region.

According to him, the creative arts industry especially music can put Tamale on the world map to promote business opportunities in Tamale and the North of Ghana, adding that, the region is bound with several human resources including that of the creative arts industry.

Speaking at a media soiree at the Oasis Restaurant, Tamale, Sunday, Dema Naa Adam Musah said there are so many good things the entertainment and creative arts industry can do for the people of the Tamale metropolis and beyond, reiterating that, the entertainment industry can boost tourism and bring development to the people.

He noted that, the opportunities within the entertainment industry will be exploited to bring about development, adding strongly that, the many young talents in the entertainment industry can make the Northern region and Ghana a better place.

The Tamale Entertainment Chief (Dema Naa) said, the rich culture of the North will be propagated to the rest of the world, “I have a plan to make the entertainment industry more vibrant and attractive to the outside world and I need your support as media persons and also stakeholders in the entertainment industry”. He told the media.

Dema Naa Adam hinted that, he will create an enable environment in the entertainment industry to ensure that musicians, actors and actresses reach their full potentials, “all the challenges that hampers the development of the entertainment industry will be tackled”.

The Tamale Entertainment Chief is very optimistic that Tamale can become a tourist destination through the creative arts and entertainment industry, “We will have to put things in other to attract people especially investors to invest into the creative arts and entertainment industry. Through this, we can create more employment opportunities for our youth and make Tamale, a city of entertainment hub in Ghana and Africa, and I believe we have all the talents to make this happen”.

Dema Naa Adam Musah announced that, his palace will be organizing a big concert at the Aliu Sports stadium to rejuvenate the entertainment industry, “We are bringing both the youth and old artistes in the Northern Region under one platform to chat a new path through music”.

He said, “My palace is open for any suggestion and I will work with everybody for the betterment of the entertainment industry, I will be available for any initiative that will promote the industry… so my doors are wide open”.

The media personnel in an open forum pledged their unflinching support to the new Dema Naa and urged him to work very hard to transform the entertainment industry.

The press soiree was the first encounter with the media by Dema Naa Adam Musah after his enskinment by the Chief of Tamale, Naa Zoli Dakpema some months ago. Dema Naa Adam Musah succeeded the late Dema Naa Mohammed Hafiz Choggu I.

The meeting with the media was to formerly introduce himself (Dema Naa Adam Musah) and seek for collaboration and help of the media to promote the entertainment industry in the Tamale metropolis and beyond.

The press soiree brought together all the industry players and those who matter in the promotion of the entertainment industry in the Northern Region including Dj. Carlos, Kawastone, Dj Damson, Mr. Tell, Dj Naporo, Mohammed Hafiz aka the Trender, Dj. Tiger, Dj Fresh, Dj Drogba, Dr.Que.

Journalists and bloggers includes, Eric Kombat, Prince Kwame Tamakloe, Hamza Lansah Lolly, Suhuyini Sharahan, Zubaida Ismael, Shiekh Dahim, Arnold Mashud, Robicon, Mr. Kadir and many others.

Photos of the event:

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