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I don’t use condom-Tamale hi-life king

Tamale hi-life musician, King Darlus said sex between couples should be enjoy without any rubber or linen to prevent sexual stroking ecstasy and pleasure.

Born as Abdallah Haruna Gani, the hi-life Dagbani King reiterated that, “I don’t use condom because I want to enjoy sex with my partner, we must all enjoy ourselves through natural touches and friction”.  Speaking about sex and music on Tamale North Star Radio 92.1, Lunch Time Rhythms hosted by Lolly Collabo, King Darlus said, many women don’t enjoy sex with their partners wearing condoms, adding that, the use of condom is good for people with many transient sexual relationships.

The soft spoken and mellifluous singer admitted that, it is safe to use a condom to protect one from STDs and unwanted pregnancies, “But I don’t enter places that requires the use of a condom, I am a faithful lover so I don’t use condom”. He touts

The Dagbani hi-life artiste affirmed that, the use of condom is an issue of trust between partners and urged that people in relationship live very decent lifestyles to enjoy the best of sex. “Why use a condom when I could stay faithful to my partner to enjoy the best of pleasure, a gift of pleasure by God. We must live a righteous lives to enjoy this gift”.

King Darlus whose video has been nominated for the hi-life video of year in the maiden 2019 Northern Music Awards said, licentious lifestyle associated with celebrity led to the ‘downfall’ of many celebraties. “Some people have the opinion that all male musicians are womanizers and female musicians are lesbians but that is not true, so we have to change that notion through positive attitudes. I sing love melodies so because of that somebody will think that I have so many ‘girlfriends’.

The Tamale hi-life King urged for the strengthening of relationships through trust and mutual respect especially this month of love. “Valentine’s day remains the day of love and we must show such love without cheating and unfaithfulness, let puts trust, mutual respect and understanding in our love relationship”. he advised


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