I don’t need empty award- Maccasio

Source: Savannanews24.com

The rappers jack and King, Maccasio has taken a swerved at Fancy Gadam’s recent award.

Fancy Gadam won the 2017 best Regional Event at the Ghana Events Awards held at the National theatre, last weekend.

But, Maccasio sees the awards as not encouraging.

According to him,  taken awards are good but not paid-up awards.

“I don’t need empty awards.We doing music to change n touch people’s live not to pay for awards” He said through a WhatsApp message to Savanna24news.com

The golden boy and Rappers Jack, Maccasio who calls himself the King of Northern Music said this when he was contacted by Savannanews24.com to congratulate his onetime pal and now “bitter” music rival, Fancy Gadam on his recent award.

He said, “I congratulated him (Fancy Gadam) several occasions but he last said he doesn’t need my congratulations.. meanwhile we all know u bought them .. something u are supposed to be given free to recognize ur good work .. lol”.


Source: Savannanews24.com

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