By: Hamza Lansah Lolly


Rumours on the dead of Mr. Philips Assibit Akpenna, Chairman of the Discovery Group of Companies and CEO of Good Will International have been making rounds on social media and the North of Ghana as many well wishes throng to his residence both in Tamale and Accra to pay their homage.


Though nobody was able to tell the cause of death, however, the death rumours hoax of the Discovery Grop Chairman started on Monday and circulated wildly within the Tamale metropolis.

A lot of people who went to his hotel in Tamale were shock when Mr. Philip was called on phone.

Speaking to savannanews24.com, Mr. Philip said, he is alive and not dead, “I’m not sick, I have not been hospitalized and I have not been involved in an accident, so why will someone misinformed the public?”

Mr. Philip said, he had a lot calls from people, “a lot of people call me but were shock when I pick their calls or call them back”.

The purported death of the Discovery Group Chairman was said to be announced by a radio station in Tamale but savannanews24.com checks reveals that no radio station made any announcement or reported on the death of Mr. Philip Assibit Akpenna.

Meanwhile, Mr. Philip urged the general public to dismiss the rumours death as it is creating discomfort for his family.

The Discovery Boss is currently in Accra with his family after participating in the SADA International Trade Fair in Tamale.



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