How to propose to a lady (For Men)

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Every relationship start with friendship, just like every love goes with friendship. so before u can propose to a lady u dont need to go by expressing your love to her. but u rather start with friendship and then before u can express love to her or she personally will know u are in love with her….. In telling a lady your feelings, you dont need to rush her. if you meet a lady and u dont know how to propose in the first place this is how u will go by it

1) calmly stop her: there should be a coutesy, respect when u are to stop her. you dont need to say harsh word to her before she can stop. let her know u are gently even if she is proving difficulties..

2) first of all greet her

3) create a little conversation between you two; like “oo where are u going ?, i really wish i can follow u to the place u are going if u dont mind…” definatly she know u wont go either she say ” sure lets go” or she will tell u ” thank you, but i want to go alone”.

4) tell her your name before asking for her name; its usaully good and polite to tell someone your name before u ask for the person name, that way she cant lie to u about her name. if she lie you will know, try that it helps.

5) ask for where u can meet her again; you either collect her contact or you ask for her house if she does not have a cell phone. this is how you will go by it.
“Dear i really enjoy talking to u in this short period, do you mind giving me your contact so that we will talk some other time please?”
bet with me she will give u, but most of them will prove difficulties, but Note never give your contact out without collecting her contact coz u are not the only one stopping her, so she might not call u at all, so u better get her contact. as i already said, dont rush her you will definatly meet her someday if she refuse to give u the contact, but politly push her a little she will give u…

6)ask for friendship; ask her you hope there wouldnt be a problem been her friend….

7) when u get home first thing you should do is to text her, do not call her. text her and tell her u just couldnt resist her beautiful face and u just decided to text and find out how she is doing, but when u are less busy you will call her. women love to be praise, she will defiantly smile seeing the text.

8) keep calling texting and visiting till you know that she is happy with u and then u tell her how much u are in love with her. believe me she will respect your feelings and give you chance. this was the vibes i was using sometime ago u can also use it, it will help since u are a beginner ” dear i wanted to tell u something but i looses courage anytime i see or i am with u, not because i am a coward, but because my heart wouldnt accept No for an answer. dear i really sick in love with you”

NOTE; these days your sugar quoted mouth wont help u, so dont try using words that will blush her coz most of them will think u are lying to them coz they have heard a whole lot of them from their exes’s

keep this one for now, i will show you how to propose to a lady when u two are already friends or already close to each other, but you can ask me any questions in the comment box.


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