Good bye my hero- Barbara to Capt Maxwell Nurudeen

The widow of the late Major Maxwell Mahama Adam says the falling hero has unabated love for her, describing him as piece of flesh circulating on social media for positive reasons.

Madam Barbra Mahama in a tribute said Major always pushes her to be successful and self dependent in the near future when he is call to glory.

“I don’t regret many things my love. You wanted us to enjoy life and be happy. We always joked about poverty being a disease since it restricts people. We had plans my king, many many plans!. But when I think about you, I only smile because you are more than a piece of flesh circulating on social media. You were full of life, energy and vigoir so I choose to remember you in that sense.”

“You would shout my name from the room when you heard a noise in the kitchen, you would say “B, are you ok? Sometimes I ignored it because I felt you ask too many ‘are you Oks’. So now, who should I be making flavoured tea and lemons for? Your morning lemons were constant and although I sometimes felt it was a nuisance, I still did it without complaining.”

According to her Major have the habit of thanking her million times when ever he finish eating, “you would say you know why women live longer than men and that when a woman cooks a good meal, her husband blesses her.”

To her the late Adam Mahama is spontaneous who often drive her to Akosombo for dinner by the river during weekends and further make her feel like a complete woman.

In a loneliness and courageous mood, she said “Eheh, Maxwell, I won’t tell you I am in a scarf before you tell God to let you come down and remove this scarf off my head. I won’t even tell you I am in some black attire, I love you and I always told you. I always reminded you of what you mean to me, you meant the world to me, you were everything to me Max.”

She promised not to forget to tell their orphans how heroic and great their father was, and also keep his memory to high esteem. “You are not dead, you are still alive, alive in our hearts. I remember you sacrificing so much for me to do my Masters, I told you I appreciated that move very much but you said it was because you want me to be in a good standing to cater for the kids when you are no more.”

Madam Barbra Mahama stated that the pistol which was missen during the lynching of her husband and later found by the police will handed over to their son(Jaden) when he is matured.

Meanwhile, the late Major Maxwell Adam Mahama was given a state burial at the OSU cemetery in Accra.

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