Fuel stations that poses danger to communities will be close down -NPA Boss assure Ghanaians

Source: savannanews24:Nurudeen Ibrahim/Hamza Lansah Lolly:

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Patrolium Authority(NPA), Mr Alhassan Tampoli has assured the public that any fuel station inappropriately sited at a location and poses danger’s to human life will be close down.

According to him fuel station should be sited 500 hundred meters away from residents, hence facility which does not meet the authority require standard will be decommission.

In an engagement with the media in Tamale to solicit for voice to propagate and educate the citizenry on safety precautions, he pledged the authority commitment to monthly evaluate filling stations in the country, which according to him will help the authority put management of those stations operate within the realm of the National petroleum authority, furthering that stations that sells filthy fuel will be close down.

Mr Alhassan revealed that apart from the media encounter, his outfit well be engaging the public at their various vicinities to sanitize and educate them on gas and fuel safety tips.

He charged fuel stations operators to have intercepter to prevent pollution when it rains, and uniformly brand their workers.

He said most of the fire explosions recorded in the country is as a result of education, demystifying that the explosions normally occur when fuel tanker’s are about to discharge fuel into underground tanker.

Mr Alhassan entreated interested persons who want to establish fuel stations to formally apply directly to the authority before heading to the Environmental Protection Authority(EPA) for any authorization.

He urged the media not to be spectators, but citizens and vulunterily divulge information to the authority regarding the concerns of the public and operations of fuel stations.

Source: savannanews24.com

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