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Former TTH boss finally hand over to new CEO Lansah Lolly ::::::::



Information reaching reveals that the former Chief Executive Officer of the Tamale Teaching Hospital Dr. Prosper Akambon has finally hand-over to the newly appointed CEO of the hospital, Dr. David Zaawumya Kolbila.

In a very quiet and tense ceremony on Tuesday morning, both Dr. Prosper Akanbong and Dr Zaawumya Kolbila began the handing-over process.

Dr. Zaawumya Kolbila who was appointed at the Chief Executive of the TTH in a letter dated 16th May 2017 by the Ministry of Health on Monday went to the hospital for a handing over process but the former CEO refused to hand-over to him citing a supposedly official letter from the Ministry of Health to indicate his fate.

According to him to the former TTH boss, he only received a letter notifying him about the appointment of a new CEO but the said letter did not indicate his fate and for which reason he has refused to hand over as directed.

The Ministry of Health has since apologies for the miscommunication that nearly resulted in confusion in the Tamale metropolis.

Meanwhile, it is not clear whether the former TTH CEO has been sack or transfer as his tenure as CEO of the hospital ends in September 2018.

Dr. Akanbong was appointment by the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC) in 2014  after serving as the Medical Director and subsequently acted as CEO of the hospital.


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