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Fear grips NDC as Chairman Samba declares operation win 15 seats in Northern Region

Source:Savannanews24.com/Hamza Lansah Lolly:
The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in fear and panic is currently crisscrossing the Northern Region following the declaration of the NPP Northern Regional Chairman, Mr Adam Samba to win 15 out of the 18 seats in the region.
Mr. Samba in a tour to all 18 the constituencies launched the agenda 15 seats but the NDC in a hush-hush stormed some of the constituencies.
The NDC’s Chief campaigner, MP for Tamale South, Hon Haruna Iddrisu was seen in Gushegu meeting party people, same day the Chairman Samba enters the Gushegu constituency to met with party executives.
The Minority leader, Haruna Iddrisu was seen in a motorbike mobilizing the community for the NDC.
The momentum gathered by members of the NPP in the constituencies following Chairman Samba’s “4more4Nana” tour strikes the NDC leadership.

The euphoria that greeted the NPP Chairman and his executives every place they visited sent shivers down the spine of the NDC.
Very known NDC stalwarts hushedly have started visiting some constituencies especially shaky strongholds of the party, including Kumbugu, Savelugu, Mion, Gushegu, Saboba, Tolon, Nanton and Karaga.
Except the Tamale seats, the NDC believed that, the NPP can win the other seats and further increase the presidential votes of Nana Addo.
The Savannanews24 have gathered that, a research conducted by the NDC  also prompted the emissaries from the party’s national headquarters to the region, a supposably political ‘world bank” of the party after the Volta Region. The likes of former governor of the Bank of Ghana,  Dr. Adam Nasir and Alhaji Saeed Sinare have adopted the Kumbugu constituency whiles other bigwigs of the party took on the other constituencies. For the Minority Leader, Hon Haruna Iddrisu recapturing the Gushegu seat from the NPP is his bait.

The NPP except in 2008 have always increase its Presidentail and Parliamentary fortunes in the Northern Region. The party since 1996 have increased their parliamentary seats from 3 to 13 out of the 31 constituencies in the 2016 elections, the percentage share was 58.06% for NDC and 41.94% for the NPP.

On the Presidential, the NPP have increased their votes from 33.0% in 1996 to 42.25% in 2016 elections.

Going into 2020 elections, the Northern Region has been split into three (Northern, North-East and Savanna Regions) thus the dynamics of politics and voting pattern will eventualy change. The Northern Region after the regional split now has 18 constituencies and both the NPP and NDC are sharing the parliamentary seats with 9 each.

The Northern Regional Chairman of the NPP, Mr Mohammed Baantimah Adam Samba during his tour to the constituencies reiterated that, he will snatch the 6 seats from the NDC. “We are going to leave only three seats for the NDC”. He affirmed


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