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Fadi Emprez thrills fans at Dagbon Peace and Unity Concert

Music lovers at the Tamale Jubilee Park (Saturday night) went agog and breathe-taking when the sexy afro pop songstress, Fadi Emprez threat them with an impressive performances.

Dress in an all-African stylish white costume with the colours of Ghana on it, Fadi Emprez got the attention of the massive crowd and held them spell bound with her sexy moves and captivating dance moves throughout her performance.

Audience at the night sang along as she gave them best of her hit song ‘Pizza” and the afro pop master piece “I dey for you”.

Many excited audience could not hide their joy as they sang the chorus of the “I dey for you” track amidst applause and cheers. “Wow! This is so good”. Rapturous music fan said

Fadi Emprez electrifying performance left patrons at the Dagbon peace and unity Concert gasp for more of her music after her performance.

Some audience who watch the show said the soul and afro pop songstress put up a remarkable performance.

“Fadi Emprez is the real deal now, she is just great tonight. My first time seeing her perform and I’m so so enthralled with her performance”. A music fan hinted

“The choreography with her dance was supper. We want to see more of Fadi Emprez… I have so much believe in her brand”. A film maker hinted

“I think it’s time for the girls now, she is so wonderful and her costume was on point. Fadi Emprez performance was simple breathe-taking”. An excited lady said to

See photos of the Fadi Emprez performance:

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